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To advertise on the website, please see the below requirements.

Requirements for Advertisements:

  1. For product and service reviews, we solely test the product/service and provide unbiased reviews about it. We may ask for a small charge of $100 to cover the detailed content review about the same.
  2. Do not contact us if you are exclusively looking for links buying for irrelevant niches. We do not entertain in such services as all.
  3. In the case of submitting a guest post, you should first suggest your topics using the contact form. The topics should be niche relevant i.e WordPress, YouTube, Technology etc. We only cover detailed posts so don’t expect us to publish your post(s) if you cannot prepare a meaningful 1500+ words post for our audience. Rest assured, once published, your post(s) will be actively shared on our social media platforms.
  4. We expect you to stay truthful when dealing with us for any type of advertisement. In case we find something false about your credits and acclamations, we may cancel our deal at any time without prior notice.