Backlinks are the powerhouse for ranking your content on the top of the search engine. Being a professional blogger myself, I have understood the importance of backlinks. Not only that, more than the quantity, it’s the quality of backlinks that matters the most.

In this post, I will show you an amazing path to create high-quality backlinks for your website in less than 10 minutes. Also, I will show you an amazing service from where you can buy PBN links for less than $1. Isn’t that simply amazing?


Before starting, let me first tell you about what is a private blog network or a PBN. A private blog network or a PBN is similar to any other websites that you come across the internet. A PBN is a network of blogs maintained by a person or a group of people (bloggers, digital marketers, SEO service providers) to generate backlinks for their own websites or for selling the backlinks to their clients.

The sole purpose of a PBN is to make relevant backlinks for a website. Typically, maintaining a PBN is a hectic and an expensive task. Thus, most of the bloggers buy links from service providers.

So if you are a professional blogger or just starting out in this field, this post is just for you.

Being a blogger or an affiliate marketer, you too would be knowing how important backlinks are for getting your website on the top of the search engines. The task becomes difficult when you are doing it all by yourself.

Com’on, you cannot guest post all day and expect to beat your competitor. In today’s scenario when the internet is filled with competition and highly skilled professionals, it takes both hard work and smart work to stay at the top of you competitors.

Let me show you a common scenario. Suppose you need 100 backlinks to rank to the top of the search engine. In a normal scenario, you would look for guest posting websites, pitch them for a free guest post (I believe that you are not into doing spammy stuff :P). Can you imagine how much time it would take for taking the approvals and guest posting on such blogs?

More than this, 90 out of 100 websites will decline your offer and why not when they have highly skilled professional writers doing their work. Even if some of them agree to the deal, they would simply deny to give you a dofollow backlink.

So now that you have gone through the above situation. What if, I tell you that you can create quality backlinks in less than 10 minutes. Yes, this is possible.

What I am going to show you today is a hidden secret of success for many of the top most digital marketers in the world (Although, they tell you to purchase their $100 SEO Online Course :p).

Let me reveal you to an amazing service offered by Linksmanagement using which you can buy PBN links for less than $1.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on purchasing cheap backlinks in less than 10 minutes.


Linksmanagement Review- Buy PBN Links Now!

Let’s start buying backlinks. I promise, using this service you will be able to buy high-quality PBN links in less than 10 minutes.

Step 1: Login to LinksManagement


Go to LinksManagement -> Click Here

After you sign in to your account, you will be directly taken to the “Buy Links” tab. There you will find a small area (Look at the Main Area of Focus in the above image) for changing the settings to find the appropriate backlinks for your blog.

Here you can set details like Domain Authority, Page Authority, Outbound links and other important stats. I focus on the DA and PA of the website. Along with that, I would give more priority to the website having lesser outbound links.

The best part of using LinksManagement is that you can view the website on which your link will be placed. Unlike many other services which keep the website name anonymous, LinksManagement offers the best service to buy PBN links in the industry.

Step 2: Find a Website with Good Metrics

Choose PBN

In the above image, I have given an example and shown how to choose a website.

  1. I have chosen Page Authority between 25-100. Page Authority gives the ranking strength for a specific page. Typically, PA>25 is a good metric to start your search.
  2. For DA i.e Domain Authority, I have selected a range between 20-50. If you don’t know, DA measures how strong a specific domain is. DA is decided by the quality and quantity of backlinks pointing to the whole domain. More the DA and PA of the website, more will be its link value. Along with this, you can also select other measures such as the budget, number of outbound links, targetted country and so on. In the above example, I have chosen the DA, PA and the page Category set to my preferred niche which matches the niche of my website for which I need to purchase the links.
  3. After searching by entering you mentioned metrics, you will get various websites in a list. You can choose your preferred website and proceed to purchase a link on that. In the above example, I have chosen The reason for choosing this website is, it has got a good DA, PA and the number of outbound links are also less. Also, the 100% links placement gives me a satisfaction that my links have a high chance of placement. The % column depicts the percentage of links which are successfully placed on the website.

After selecting the website I will click on the small cart button to buy a backlink for my website.

Step 3: Create Anchor Text and Submit Details

Create anchor to buy PBN links

Now you will have to submit some details as follow:

  1. The URL of the webpage for which you want the backlink to point. Typically, this is the webpage which you want to rank for a certain keyword in the search engine.
  2. To make the link relevant, it is preferred to add a relevant text before the backlink.
  3. Now, enter the anchor text on which you want to take the backlink for the mentioned webpage.
  4. Add some more content following the backlink to make it look more relevant in the eyes of the search engine. (All this to please Google Panda :p)
  5. I would prefer you to first try the backlink for a month. This will help you to analyze how powerful the backlink is and how much it helped in increasing the rank of your webpage on the search engine. If the link works good, you can buy it for a lifetime for a fixed one-time-price.
  6. The preview section shows how your backlink will look like on the PBN website.
  7. Click on “Add to Cart” to proceed.

Step 4: Proceed to Checkout

Proceed to checkout


Go to “My Cart” from the homepage and go through the details once again. Once you are sure, click on “Add Fund” to make the final payment.

Step 5: Make Final Payment

Final payment

Now you can Add Funds to your account and pay for the backlinks. Isn’t pretty simple?

So that was a quick LinksManagement review so that you can buy PBN links easily. But, before you are really sold for their amazing service, let’s discuss some features which make LinkManagement a highly reliable source to buy quality PBN links.


LinksManagement Features

From my personal experience, Linksmanagement has worked really amazing for me. It has always provided that extra boost when my keywords are stuck at page 2 or 3 of the Google Search Engine.

Unlike other underground services, LinksManagement is the most reliable source I have found which works really good for ranking even the most competitive keywords on the search engine. However, competitive niches take a little more time and extra funds to rank, I have always seen a good ROI (more than 100% in most of the cases) while purchasing links from Links Management.

Let’s see some of the features which distinguish their service from other service providers.

Quality Links for a Reasonable Price:

Have you ever purchased a link for just $1? I was totally blown to see DA 20+ sites giving backlinks for less than a dollar. Even if you freelance a small content writing project also, it would cost you at least $5 (Fiverr gigs). Here you can buy backlinks for so cheap.

I have been using LinksManagement from past 8-9 months and have never experienced my ranking going down on the search engine. Their inventory maintains a large database of quality websites.

Unlike any other backlink service, no service can match LinksManagement regarding the quality of backlinks which they offer.

You can easily find DA 90+ websites offering links for a reasonable price. (My small secret for ranking competitive niches :P)

Free SEO Experts Assistance

So, what if you are a newbie who doesn’t know much about SEO or how to find quality backlinks. In that case, LinksManagement can help you out of your misery.

You can seek help from the LinksManagement team which consists of well-experienced professionals. They can guide and help you to select the best links for your website. Their system is so smart that they can predict the number of links you need to beat your competitors and snatch their top position.

However, I haven’t used this service, I have seen pretty good reviews about their SEO service.

Free Cost Calculator to Beat Your Competitors

LinksManagement has a really smart system to analyze how strong the backlinks of your competitor are and how much money on an estimate you will have to spend to buy similar powerful backlinks to beat your competitor.

However, you cannot rely on the tool but, as per my experience, it is around 90% correct in calculating the total funds you need to buy quality backlinks to beat your competitor.

The best thing would be to not to buy more than 4-5 backlinks at once.

One thing which I do is, after taking a backlink, I analyze my keyword rankings for 8-10 days. In most of my cases, I have seen good ranking upgrades from just 8-10 backlinks in total.

Roughly speaking, you can rank a medium competition niche site for around $150 by buying quality PBN links from LinksManagement.

This helps in greater ROI with less investment and effort. Isn’t pretty simple?

Best Filter Options

I have already shown you in the above tutorial. There are so many features that you can manage while searching powerful backlinks for your website. This includes the niche, country, DA, PA, the number of outbound links, price, placement percentage, keyword and what not!

Can you imagine a link from a DA>70 websites for $5 or maybe lesser than this? Well, I can’t and that is why I love taking links from LinksManagement.


Links Relevancy

First of all, LinksManagement is an ultimate source for buying quality backlinks for those who are working on their long-term websites. Even you know the consequences of taking spammy links from unknown or irrelevant websites.

The Google search engine is very smart in determining whether the link pointing to your website is a genuine or not.

For example, if you have a health website, it would be good to have a backlink from a relevant health niche site rather than gambling or poker site which has no relevance to your website.

If you are doing blogging, do it professionally. Don’t let your efforts go in vain for small term benefits.

Preview Website Details Before Buying Backlinks

The best part which I like about LinksMaagement is that you can actually view the website from which you are taking the link. This helps in analyzing whether the website is a genuine one or a highly spammed one.

In my case, I always analyze the website’s backlinks in Ahrefs (Paid) or Open Link Profiler (Free) to see if the website is spammy or a long term genuine website.

Unique IPs

All the websites listed on LinksManagement offer the unique C-Class IPs. This helps in establishing the relevancy of your websites backlinks in the eyes of Google. If the IP’s were same, Google would surely get to know that you are building your own links and your website can be banned or suspended in this case.

There are more amazing features of Links Management which make it a number one place to buy PBN and genuine website links.

  • 100% quality websites
  • More than 200,000 registered website owners.
  • More than 8 million backlinks served.
  • Cheap high authority websites. The range can be from $1 to $15 per link.
  • Only contextual link is available. No footer or sidebar links.(Due to Google Panda update)
  • All the websites are crawled properly on the search engine.
  • I would suggest you buy backlinks for a month before placing it permanently. This helps in analyzing if your keywords are moving up the SERP rankings or not.
  • Now you can buy PBN links for cheap. This saves your money from setting up PBN’s and buying multiple domain host subscriptions for setting up your PBN websites.


Awesome Customer Reviews

You cannot fake your services on the internet and brag them to be good and outstanding. The customer will automatically brag about your service if it’s good.

Being a happy customer myself, I want to show you some real views fo people who have used the service and have benefitted immensely.

Have a look at some of the reviews shared by the LinksManagement customers from all across the globe:

Links Management Reviews

So these were some extended features which you will get when you buy links from LinksManagement.


Buy Quality PBN Links with LinksManagement 100% Money Back Guarantee

There is no other backlinks service which promises its customer the guarantee of placing the links within a specific period.

I have bought many backlinks from forums, social groups. I won’t say that I couldn’t find good resources but, buying from social groups and forums is a big risk.

Imagine buying backlinks worth $100 from a person whom you don’t know personally. I mean, anybody could make a fake profile and dupe you of your hard earned money.

That’s why I always prefer to buy services from registered or established services which have good reviews from their customers.

Links Management promises a 100% Money Back Guarantee to its customers if their links are not placed on their chosen website.

The Links Management Guarantee includes:

  • 100% Refund if your links don’t get live on the website.
  • If you cancel your order within five days of the link placement, you will get a 100% Refund.
  • 100% Refund if the links do net get indexed by Google.
  • If you use their SEO service for on-page and off-page and do not get Top 10 Rankings with their prescribed links strategy, you will get a 100% Refund on your order.
  • Guarantee of permanent links to be live for at least six months from the date of buying.
  • If the metric of any website changes (Domain Authority, Page Authority, Page Rank), the price of the links will also change respectively.
  • They guarantee that you can remove unwanted links ASAP.
  • Partial refund in the case if the link is removed by the publisher of the website and not placed again within ten days.
  • All the links which will be placed will be dofollow backlinks only.
  • The Links Mangement tool guarantees that the metrics match the metrics of the website.

Looking at the customer reviews and my personal experience, I would surely recommend you to buy quality PBN links from Links Management.

Taking backlinks is a risky game. A single spammy backlink can lead both you and your site in trouble and can lead to a permanent ban on your website on the search engine.

Imagine the number of hours you spend on creating a website from scratch. It surely takes immense hours and practice to deliver a staggering content to your viewers and users.

You may be able to write a stunning piece of content but, it has no value until and unless you get viewers to your web page. Backlinks are surely the backbone of any website. You cannot rank on Google without quality backlinks.

Before, I used to spend countless hours on guest posting, writing content for guest posts and getting them approved by the webmasters and the admin of the blogs. All of it was a cumbersome and hectic task and most of the times it did no good to me. This was because the admins didn’t give a dofollow link to my site.

I don’t want you to follow the same route. It’s painful, hectic, and sometimes unbearable when you see that you are not able to get visitors to your content even after spending countless hours on your website.

Links Management is surely a way out to build quality backlinks for your website. Its highly efficient free tools help you to find the best niche relevant backlinks for your blog.

Links Management free tools

With Links Management you can buy quality backlinks for as less as one dollar. Also, their links placement percentage is so accurate, you can get your backlinks working within 3-4 days from the day you order them.

The best part about Links Management which I would brag all day is the fact that you can view the websites on which you are placing the links. Like many other services which just post the website metrics (DA, PA, Page Rank) but keep the website name as anonymous(because those websites are without any doubt spammy and irrelevant), you can analyze the website on your own as they are all publicly visible on Links Management.

So what are you waiting for?

Start ranking and banking. Do tell me how it works for you. I would be glad to see you succeed. Plus, if you have any good resource for making backlinks, please share your views in the comment section below.


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