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Video production is a creative task and the most important segment of a video is its intro. An intro video is a small segment of a video which is used to tell the viewer what the ongoing video is all about.

For a newbie, it is comparatively easy to learn and shoot a live picturesque video. The main and somewhat tricky thing is to make the introduction, typically known as the intro of the video.

The intro video contains beautiful animations and can be used to introduce the viewers to the name of the video, channel or your personal introduction.

Still confused? Look at this small intro that I created for my YouTube channel:

I had created the above video using a popular YouTube intro maker which I’ll be revealing soon in this post. Many newbies think that creating a simple animated video like the above one is very difficult to make but, that is not true at all.

In this post, I will introduce you to top intro maker software’s using which you can create beautiful introduction videos.

Intros play an important part in the video. Not because it gives an exciting opening to a video but because the first 15-30 seconds are utmost necessary to grip the viewer’s attention throughout the whole session of the video.

I have seen people making awesome tutorials and product reviews, but at times, they lack to grip the viewer’s attention for a longer duration of time. This is simply because they don’t include an introduction part in their video due to which the viewer gets confused and it somewhat becomes difficult for the user to handle the information load from the very starting of the video.

So before starting with the list of top intro maker platforms, let’s first learn a little bit about why it is important to include an intro video:

  • A good intro video gives a basic idea to your viewers of what your video is all about. So a cool intro grips the viewer’s attention for a longer duration of time.
  • An intro helps you to outstand from your other competitors. It helps you to make a brand value for your product and company.
  • An intro should be short and simple. You should use animations and captivating art to make your intro look beautiful.

Let’s take a look at the list of platforms first followed by the detailed description afterward.

Best YouTube Intro Maker Platforms

Adobe After EffectsOfflinePaid

YouTube Intro Maker List:

I have named this list as YouTube intro maker list simply because many of you must be looking for great alternatives to make an introduction video for your YouTube channel.

One thing I wanted to point out before starting with the list, the intro maker platforms covered in the below list contains both online and offline tool. You should decide accordingly what type of platform you want to use.

Online Platforms

Let’s discuss the online tools first. I have used these tools myself for creating some good stuff and I hope it does the same magic for you too.


Create beautiful intros using Moovly

Moovly is a free intro maker for creating amazing presentations and animation intros. I have used this tool myself for creating basic animation videos.

Being a freemium tool, you can extend the functionality of the tool by purchasing the premium version which ranges from Plus, Pro and Business.

Here are the Moovly Pricing details:

Moovly Pricing

The tool is quite simple to use and you can also refer to its quick guide which you will get when you sign up for the tool.

Steps to make amazing videos using Moovly Online

All you have to do is just drag and drop the objects on the canvas and start applying different transitions and effects as per your requirements.

You can use Moovly to create animated stories, e-cards, event invites or to impress your employers with a cool animated resume.You can also create professional explainer videos, classroom videos to make your student understand a certain topic in more depth.

Moovly lets you insert images, sounds and video clips from your personal desktop and it is relatively easy to make new adjustments in your project.

After making your intro, you can directly publish them on social handles like YouTube and Facebook. The best part is that you can try out making videos using its free version before going for advanced features and that’s why it is one the best cost-effective YouTube intro maker.


Powtoon-Make colorful animations and presentations

Powtoon is a powerful online tool for making some cool animation intros and precisely designed presentations.

So, is it better than Moovly? It totally depends on the situation for which you want to use it. If you are running on a tight budget and want a very cost-effective solution for your videos then, I would suggest Moovly as it’s starting price is just $9.95 per month while Powtoons price is $19 which is nearly double of that of Moovly.

If you don’t mind spending an extra $10 per month, Powtoon will totally amaze you with its capability.

Firstly, it contains more templates than Moovly and secondly, the characters used are stunning and beautifully designed by the Powtoon team.

Also to note, Powtoon is a very popular tool for professional designers and VFX producers. I cannot figure out all the features as the tool keeps evolving with the period.

You can judge the true difference by using the tools yourself.

The best part, like Moovly, you can use this tool for free and then decide whether you want to go for advanced features of this amazing intro maker platform or not.

Look at the pricing stats below:

Powtoon Pricing


Go Animate Online Tool For Making cool Animation Intros

GoAnimate is a powerful web animation tool that provides an excellent animation package. This Web software is an outstanding do-it-yourself animation package that has over five million users. I’d bet half of them don’t even know the “A” of Animation because that’s how damn easy GoAnimate is to use.

The tool offers a basic plan for $39/month in which you have access to thousands of character models, audio recording, asset props and lip-syncing features.

If you are truly artistic, then you can become famous in its community and can even make a living by selling their art accessories and cool intro videos back to the community for widespread use.

Be it Vine, YouTube or video ad pop-ups, video content continues to rise as a top form of communication on the Web, and GoAnimate hopes that Internet users – not just “artists” from all walks of life use and embrace their tools to join in on the fun.

You can try the platform for free for first 14 days and get the gist of the features, whether they are useful for you or not. I think 14 days is a good time to test the platform in and out.

Here are the pricing stats:

GoAnimate Pricing


free youtube intro maker biteable

Biteable is one of the best tools for exploring the world of Videos. It is said to be designed for teachers so that they can teach more effectively to their students.

One thing which looked very promising when I was exploring this tool, it has just two options- the free and the paid version. Unlike other platforms which have divided their features pack into multiple billable options, you can access all the premium features of Biteable at a fixed price of $99/year.

This makes the paid option less complex and makes it easier for the user to purchase the platform easily.

Here’s what you’ll get in the free vs paid version of this platform:

Biteable Pricing

On of the biggest and the most important USP of the paid version is that you can produce quality videos without the Biteable brand watermark. This helps in making the video look more promising and real and defines quality work from your side.


Flixpress youtube intro maker

Flixpress is a fast, easy and flexible solution for all your videos. The reason I did not mention it as a typical intro maker platform is because the features offered by Flixpress can make you create astounding and the most promising videos for your business and personal use.

Flixpress Pricing

There are various reasons for which I would recommend you Flixpress.

The first and the foremost reason is that I find this platform to be ultra cheap but a promising solution for all my video production ideas.

So, what sort of videos can you create using Flixpress? Here’s is a small feature list:

  1. YouTube Intros
  2. Animated Slideshows
  3. Video Explainers & Product Reviews
  4. Promos & Advertisements
  5. Pranks & Gags videos and much more

I use Flixpress in almost all my video projects. Simply because it is convenient to use and helps in easy implementation of my ideas.


ivipid intro maker

Taking about great quality videos, Vipid is surely in the game to create visually appealing intros.

Vipid helps you create HD videos to capture the beautiful moments of your friends birthday, marriage anniversaries and beautiful moments of your child’s first steps with a simple to use interface. No doubt, this intro maker is so easy to use and processes the videos fast as compared to many of the other intro maker platforms in the same category.

With Vipid, you can easily share the videos on your social media handles like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other.

Vipid has tried to stand a little different from its competing intro makers by calling its different template designs as themes.

Vipid Pricing


Rendrfx Intro Maker free

Moving to the last online tool, RendrFX is one of the most popular upcoming intro maker platforms which will indulge you making some really artistic videos.

Be it to-do videos or channel intro videos for YouTube, you can achieve your goals using a simple interface.

As far as the pricing is concerned, you can use the free version of the platform and then go for the paid version once you get satisfied by the features offered by RendrFX.

Rendrfx Pricing


Offline Tools

I have covered almost all top notch online platforms using which you can design stunning intros.

Now it’s time to discuss some offline tools.

Firstly, these tools would help you to design high-end graphical intro videos. Along with that, these tools would be really helpful for those who are cannot remain connected to the internet all the time. For those professionals and innovators, these offline tools will prove to be of great use.

Okay, so here is the secret that most platforms won’t tell you, if you are looking for utmost professional content and animations stuff, you will definitely need to spend some time learning the skill.

The tools which I have listed below will help you become a highly fluent video creator but, you will need to spend many hours learning software.

Enough of stupid talk! Let’s get busy now.

Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects-Make-Your-Own-Intros

So here comes the software which needs no introduction. After Effects is the industry-standard tool for video compositing, video editions, motion graphics design, intro making and animation.

It is the most renowned tool used for creating outstanding visual graphics and cinematic visual effects. It is not a typical intro maker but yes that is one of the features for which you can use it.

Video professionals use it for both 2D and 3D visual effects and creating dynamic text animations using its robust typography tools. Directors and video creators use it for stabilizing camera video using its cutting edge stabilization technique. It is an industry standard for motion graphics and effects.

No doubt why it is my personal favorite, it has every feature a video creator needs to make videos from scratch. You can both create and edit videos using after effects.

The only thing which will pinch you a little is that it is a paid tool. But it’s worth is more that it’s price. Once learning all its features you can become a master video creator using After Effects. After Effects helps to make custom animations for videos. It is definitely my top priority YouTube intro maker after Flixpress.

Watch this short intro which I created using After Effects.


Blender Open Source free intro maker

The last intro maker in this list is Blender. The reason for which I have kept it in the last is due to its high-end but complex features.

Blender is an open source professional computer graphics software product used for creating animated films, 3D printed models, visual effects, and video games. Being a free tool, it is used by top gaming professionals for modeling characters for the games.

It has ultra rich features which include UV unwrapping, texturing, creating your 3D models and characters, animating, camera tracking, rendering, and much more. It is also used by professional game creators as it has a gaming engine integrated with it.

I would recommend this tool if you want a professional patented artwork and design in your intro video. The fact that it is available for free, but you would have to put a decent amount of time to master the skills and then implementing them in your work.

My Recommendation

Online Tool:

I have used all the above-mentioned tools. All the tools have their own pros and cons. It totally depends on what outcome you want from a certain intro maker platform.

Some of the features for which I crave while designing intro videos are:

  1. Video Quality
  2. Different Template Designs
  3. Easy Interface
  4. Faster Rendering
  5. Easily Sharable

Keeping all this stuff I would highly recommend you Flixpress as it offers all the necessary features that you would ever need to make stunning videos.

Offline Tool:

There aren’t many offline tools. First of all, according to my experience, offline tools are only necessary if you really want to indulge yourself professionally into video creation and creating high-end graphics.

If you are one of those who wants to master the art of creating a high-end precise video, simply go for After Effects as it is an industry standard for creating outstandingly stunning graphical video content.

I would recommend the Blender free intro maker platform to those who want to create their own animation characters and want to create a video scene from scratch.

I don’t feel the need of offline tools while creating videos for my YouTube channel or for creating simple product review videos. This is because these tools take an ample time to render a small video and don’t reflect much difference as compared to videos created by online platforms until and unless you want to feature your videos for professional television advertisements and commercial shows.

This is because these tools take an ample time to render a small video and don’t reflect much difference as compared to videos created by online platforms until and unless you want to feature your videos for professional television advertisements and commercial shows.

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  2. Hey BHANU,

    Awesome list! I especially liked Adobe After Effect and Blender. Both platforms give your the ability to create really powerful intros. With those programs, there is also quite a steep learning curve. If you are looking to make intros like the ones you can in After Effects and Blender in a much simpler way, be sure to check out for your intro. With hundreds of intros to choose from, they are the go-to intro maker.

    Again, great list and keep up the good work! 🙂

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