Though, there are multiple new options in the market from Canon itself, the Canon 5D Mark II still remains the favourite of many photography enthusiasts and professionals. This is the major reason why we are doing this detailed Canon 5D Mark II review in 2020 even though, we already have newer models like Mark III, IV, V & VI. Canon-5D-Mark-II-Review Canon’s highly anticipated successor of the popular full frame 5D raises the standards of the EOS line.

This premium digital SLR camera comes with high resolution, upgraded processor, high ISO sensitivity, large resolution screen, and full HD quality video recording. On top of that, the newly built sensor allows you to explore your talent in photography. Canon-5D-Mark-II-Tribal-Picture Whether you are shooting outdoor scenes in a low light situation or shooting scenes indoors, it will provide subtle nuances of the natural essence of lighting. It is ideal for professional photographers as it captures really impressive shots (though most of it also depends on the skills of a photographer). Canon-5D-Mark-II-flowers

Canon 5D Mark II Review

Since the expansion of the Digital mediums like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Vevo, it has given a major pump to the camera market, especially the DSLR industry. People now have started valuing visual experiences in terms of both content and visual quality, there is a major shift where even newbie vloggers are shifting to using professional gear for their videos and photographs. Canon-5D-Mark-II-Camera The Canon is utterly famous among photographers. Mainly among wildlife, street and wedding photographers, they still prefer using the Canon 5D Mark II. Before diving into details, we would suggest you watch this small video so that you can visualise the details better: Let’s delve deep and understand more aspects of this high end digital camera.

Canon 5D Mark II Specs

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Canon 5D Mark II : Key Features

The Canon 5D Mark II comes under the Canon’s first 1-Series frame body. Therefore, this premium camera has hybrid functionality. It is equipped with features like peripheral illumination correction which corrects the vignetting and highlighting. Let’s check more details below:

    • Light Weight: The camera weighs just 1.87 pounds (camera weight). You can pretty much carry it for long day shoots.
    • CMOS Sensor: The camera uses the full-frame 21.1 MP CMOS sensor. It features the ISO sensitivity ranging from 10 to 6400. In addition to that, it can be expandable up to 50, 12,800 and 25, 600. The camera can perform on 35mm film which explains that the photographer can hold a more delicate control over the depth of field.
    • The DIGIC 4 Processor: The new edge processor combined with the 14 bit analogue which offers smooth gradation and accurate color rendition.
    • HD Video Capture: The Canon 5D Mark II is the first digital SLR camera which incorporated the HD 1920 x 1080 video capture. Here, have a look:

    • Precise Focus and Metering: The product comes with 9 Auto focus points and 6 Assist AF points. The Focus points helps in focussing on a subject while you are using the camera on Auto mode to click photographs.
    • Control: The Canon 5D Mark II comes with a new quick control screen. The quick control has a variety of controls which you can use when the camera in not in the live view mode.

  • Display: The camera comes up with a high resolution LCD screen. The 5D camera comprises a 2.75 inch screen. However, it increases to 3.0inch LCD screen in 5D Mark II. In addition to that, the screen comes with 920,000 dots. Also, you can adjust the brightness of the screen as it has 7 different brighness levels.
  • Integrated Cleaning System: The camera includes a revolutionary feature which prevents and eliminates the dust. The integrated cleaning system helps in clicking spotless images. The fluorite coating protects the camera from dust.
  • Image Enhancement: The camera comes with high-quality noise canceling features. Overall, the picture quality is very good.
  • Eternal battery life: The camera provides one lithium ion battery. The best thing about the battery life, it can stay for more than 24 hours with a single charge. You can easily take 1,000 to 1500 shots in one stretch.

Canon 5D Mark II – Design and Look

When compared with Canon 5D, there hasn’t been much change in the Mark II in terms of appearance, size and weight. The only one factor which differentiates both the camera is the size of the LCD screen. The camera looks subtle and similar to other Canon cameras. There are very less cameras in the market which look very different like the Fuji X-Pro 2, which features a retro look. Canon-5D-Mark-II-Review-Front Canon 5D Mark II Front: Checking the front of the camera, you will find the microphone jest below the 5D badge. This is mainly to record the audio when you are shooting videos. Just above the self timer lamp you can find the IR remote receiver. For better handling, you will find a leather like grip which helps you to hold the camera. Canon-5D-Mark-II-Left Canon 5D Mark II Left: On the left side of the camera, you can find the important ports for audio/video, HDMI, Mic etc. Canon-5D-Mark-II-Review-Right Canon 5D Mark II Right: On the right, you will get the card slot for the SD Card. Canon-5D-Mark-II-Review-Top Canon 5D Mark II Top: The top contains the prominant dial, buttons for ISO, AF Drive, White Balance including a slot for external flash. Canon-5D-Mark-II-Review-Back Canon 5D Mark II Back: Here you will find the 920K-pixel resolution LCD screen which you will use primarily for all the major work. The Print/Share button will help you to enable the Live Switch mode while using the camera in the record mode. You will also find buttons for Menu, Info, Video, Delete etc. Canon-5D-Mark-II-Review-Bottom Canon 5D Mark II Bottom: At the bottom, you will find the battery slot and mounting panel.


The most important segment of the review is the camera performance. If the users have given a lower rating for the design of the camera, it is the performance which steals the show. The incorporation of the new DIGIC IV processor, changes the whole game for the Canon 5D Mark II. Canon-5D-Mark-II-Pictures The improvement in the burst mode mostly catches the attention of the photographers. The 3.8-13fps shots capture crisp visuals for different segments and purpose. In addition to that, the shutter lag and auto focus have also equivalently recieved good scores from the photographers. You might have to adjust a little more in low lighting as the successors like Mark III and IV are much better in this case. However, the camera is a gem for the professional wedding photographers and photo journals. This 21 MP high-end camera opens new possibilities for the wedding photographers as it can also support the HD quality video recording. Canon-5D-Mark-II-Night-Picture Let’s try to know some more facts about the performance of the Canon Mark II 5D.

  • Autofocus: The autofocus of the Mark II is excellent and works with a less noise. You can select auto focus with a push of a button. The only lagging point of this feature is that the Autofocus illuminator is absent.
  • Speed: The camera runs the files at 4FPS speed.
  • Exposure: Camera offers natural exposure which improves the photography.
  • Noise: Well, as stated earlier, the camera lags in term of taking low lighting shots. The noise starts emerging when you set the ISO to 200.
  • Auto- White balance: Occasionally you may observe the orange or tungsten color misbalances, but you can set up it up manually.
  • Affordability: The product comes with a variety of professional features. Therefore, as per the high-end features, the camera comes at a reasonable price. You may also pick the old used versions from Amazon easily.
  • High in resolution: The premium digital SPR offers the 21.1 MP optical Sensor resolutions. In addition to that, the ISO ranges from 100 to 3200 which allows the users to take picture perfect shots. Also, the 4080×272 video capturing resolutions makes the camera to let the photographers take HD quality videos which is cherry on the top.
  • Improved Integrated cleaning system:  The in-built cleaning system makes the camera stands unique from the other cameras. It helps to clean the dirt from the sensing points.
  • Impressive battery life: The camera offers the users high capacity battery which require only five to six hour recharge. You can take snaps in between 1000-1500 at one stretch.
  • Excellent charger: If you are going gaga with the remarkable battery life, then hold a minute. The charger will make your mind blow. The charger is well-built, and it offers the users to charge the camera quickly. The LED light notification brings the charger to the next level. It comes with two-color lights. The orange will show you the percentage of the charge, and the green light signifies that the battery is fully charged.
  • Excellent LCD screen: The bright, sharp and anti-reflection coated LCD makes the camera most favorite camera of the users. You can even set the level of the brightness manually.
  • Mind-blowing JPG compression: The thing which makes the camera unique from other camera is the superb skill of compressing the JPG files. You can compress the image as per your requirements.
  • Poor power switch: The power switch is stiff which might annoy the users.
  • Slow autofocus: Auto focus is pretty slow in low lighting.
  • No built-in flash: However, it is a very trivial thing which you can neglect easily, but as per the professionals, the on-board flash could be done better.
  • Weak Microphone: Many yes’s stated that the quality of the microphone is not up to the mark. Therefore, you may require an external microphone for recording HD quality video for professional purpose.
Canon 5D Mark II Review
  • Build Quality
  • Viewfinder / screen rating
  • Image quality (raw)
  • Image quality (jpeg)
  • Low light / high ISO performance
  • Price

Final Words

We have covered nearly everything related to the camera. We hope this detailed Canon 5D Mark II review must have helped you understand why it is still being used by professional photographers. On the postive side, you will save a ton of money as the Mark II is a very good alternative if you mostly do day time shoots or use external lights. The successors will cost you a failry more but then again, if you had the budget to buy the Mark III or IV, you woudn’t be reading this post. For more info, you can find delicate details in the Canon 5D Mark II Manual. Though, we have pretty much covered the majority fo the details in this detailed post.

Important: The images used in the post are taken from Amazon and stock photo sites.

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  1. Great insights for me. The camera is still good keeping in mind that it is 2019. Canon 5D is truly an amazing product. I guess it is the only camera which has been in the market for so many years.

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