Stickhandling is one of the key skills that every great hockey player must possess. However, picking up this skill is not easy and it requires hundreds of hours of practice.

Luckily, there is a better way to improve this skill. With a good training aid tool, you can boost your stickhandling skills on and off the ice whenever you have some free time.

There are several products in the market that are aimed at helping you to improve your skills. But the main question that most players struggle with is, which of these products is the best?

In this article, we have researched and compiled a list of the 10 best Hockey Stick Handling tools in the current scenario.

10 Best Hockey Stick Handling Tools

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Best Hockey Stick Handling Tool Reviews

1. Hockey Revolution Professional Training Flooring Tile

Ideal for beginners and experts, this training aid from My Puzzle Systems will help take your hockey skills to the next level.

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Made from a unique dry land material, this training kit helps improve your stick handling skills as well as your body movements. In addition to this, it helps improve your peripheral vision as well as your response when playing.

To make your training more interactive and effective, this kit is used alongside the Hockey Revolution Training App. The app gives room for you to be more creative while stickhandling the puck left and right.

For a better training session, follow the guidelines from the app as you move the puck according to the indicated colors and numbers. The flooring aid has 21 tiles, 6 yellow, red, and green tiles while the rest are white.

With the hockey Revolution Professional Training Flooring Tile, you can harness your hockey skills to a professional level. Built to last, this kit will help you train off the ice.

  • Designed to develop stick handling skills, improve reaction, and boost peripheral vision
  • When used alongside the Hockey Revolution App, a player gets to be creative and interactive
  • The flooring tile creates an ice feeling
  • Measures 24.65sq.ft making it ideal to set up at home
  • The tiles are colored differently to make it easy for you to follow instructions
  • Slightly pricy
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2. Hockey Revolution Lightweight Training Aid for Stickhandling

Just like its name, Hockey Revolution – My Enemy Pro Training aid is lightweight and easily portable. It offers dynamic training to a player while boosting his skills.

There is a lot of buzz regarding Fast Hands stickhandling tool, this would be one of the perfect hockey training aids in such instance.

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Not only is the training aid designed to boost reaction time, but it helps improve coordination and puck handling. It also helps develop stickhandling skills as well as body movement.

Made of 7 ribs, the Enemy Pro can take different shapes and angles. This way, you get to create a variety of exercises while developing hand coordination. Besides, the different angles from the training aid will also aid in quick thinking as well as improve your reaction.

Moreover, you can make use of the Hockey Revolution Interactive App for a better training experience. The app provides dynamic training and instruction, which, when applied, will help improve your hockey skills.

The compact My Enemy pro can be used off and on ice and allows the player to move freely. It has pivot points and does not require assembling. Designed to last, this training aid will withstand constant use for years.

  • The training aid is versatile and allows the player to be innovative while training
  • Do boost your training, it’s designed to work with Hockey Revolution App
  • Very durable and can hence be used anywhere for on and off ice training
  • It’s adaptable and you can put it in any shape you want to work on various body movements
  • It’s portable and easy to carry
  • It moves so much unless you are flawless in your moves
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3. Linwood Stick Handling Training Aid

The Linwood Stickhandling Training Aid is a versatile kit suitable for young players to practice stickhandling and other training drills.

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Simple and less expensive, this training kit is similar to My Enemy Pro. It has 4 horizontal bars and 5 vertical posts for creating different patterns.

The kit is easy to assemble and is a useful resource for players who want have better puck handling, hand-eye coordination, speed, and stickhandling skills.

You can use the Linwood Training Aid on and off the ice. It is lightweight, portable and built to last.

  • It is versatile and can be used from various angles
  • Compatible with a stickhandling ball and puck
  • It is quite easy to assemble
  • Improves hand-eye coordination, speed, and stickhandling skills
  • It’s portable and easy to carry
  • Due to its lightweight nature, it easily shifts its position when bumped into
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4. Acon Wave Infinity Triangle Passer

Made of heavy metal bars and plate, the Acon Wave Infinity Triangle Passer is one of the best hockey training tools you can look into. Whether you use it on or off the ice, this training tool will not disappoint.

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For starters, this tool can be used as a passer as well as a dangler. It also connects to Acon Wave Infinity Dangler.

The unit is made with metal bars and has a heavy metal plate to ensures the puck does not damage the training aid. You can also use the trainer on ice by placing a heavy object on the metal plate.

The lengths of the sides of the triangle passer are 21’’. Regardless of your experience, this kit will boost your hockey skills while softening your hands.

  • Made of high-quality, durable metal plate and bars
  • Can be converted to a dangler
  • Can be used on ice
  • Can be used with pucks and hockey balls
  • Great for improving passing skills, puck control, and speed
  • The triangle passer is quite small
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5. Acon Wave Infinity Dangler

Its time you upgrade your dangle game with Acon Wave Infinity Dangler. For better puck movement and coordination, make this hockey training aid your new best friend.

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With one removable rebounder, 4dangler bases, and 3dangler segments, the kit can be used alongside Acon Wave Infinity Passer. These two are easy to connect, and they create a creative and bigger stickhandling environment.

Constant practice with the Acon Wave Infinity Dangler will not only soften your hands but improve your hand-eye coordination. Also, your response when playing will be faster, as well as better puck control.

  • Helps improve puck movement
  • When connected to Acon Wave Infinity Passer, you get more chances of creative stickhandling situations
  • Helps in hand-eye coordination
  • Improves reaction and quick thinking
  • Great for improving passing skills and speed
  • A simple touch while playing might knock over the dangler
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6. Hockey Revolution Dryland Teal Flooring Tiles

Looking for hockey training aids that is convenient when storing? Then the Hockey Revolution Dryland Teal Flooring tiles are what you need. You can purchase as many as you need as they are interlocking tiles.

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Assembling these 13’’ x 13’’ tiles takes minutes and should be used on hard surfaces. The tiles are durable and can be used both indoors and outdoors. When practicing outdoors, the tiles can withstand weather conditions without any sign of beating.

Besides, the Flooring Tiles require no maintenance. This is because they are made from high-quality materials; hence they are durable. They are also available in different colors, making them a perfect choice for training.

Just like other Hockey Revolution products, the tiles will train your peripheral vision as well as your body movements. At the same time, your puck control will improve as well as a response while playing. Furthermore, you will gain better stickhandling movements and passes.

Apart from hockey, the tiles can be used for other games too. If you are worried about your passing skills in basketball, indoor football, lacrosse, volleyball, and handball, the Dryland Teal Flooring tile can be of help.

It is amazing to learn that these tiles were designed under the close scrutiny of professional hockey players and coaches. This definitely makes the tiles an important aspect of hockey training.

  • The tiles are versatile and can be used for basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, and handball games
  • The interlocking tiles are easy to assemble
  • You get to choose the size of the training aid
  • Needs minimal maintenance and can withstand harsh weather
  • It was designed experienced hockey professionals
  • None found
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7. Hockey Revolution Lightweight Stickhandling Training Aid

Equipped with the latest training techniques, the Hockey Revolution – My Enemy Lit – Training Aid is highly adaptable and versatile too.

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This hockey training tool can be used on and off the ice since it lightweight and portable. This makes it both an indoor and outdoor training tool. My Enemy Lit model can be used in a zigzag shape, u-shape, or a straight line. Either way, you get to hone your hockey skills.

One major benefit you will acquire from training with this kit is your basic stickhandling methods will improve. Since the kit is adaptable, you get to create variable scenarios in the field then train on how to go about it. Also, your body movements will be sharper and faster too. Besides, your peripheral vision will improve.

The kit includes 7ribs with a maximum length of 91’’. Utilize them in different angles for an improved training experience.

My Enemy Lit can be used with the Hockey Revolution Interactive Training App. Here, you get to create a more dynamic and interactive workout that is different from the normal routine.

  • Designed by experienced hockey professionals
  • It is adaptable and versatile
  • Not only is the training aid lightweight but portable too
  • The training aid is durable
  • Works with Hockey Revolution interactive training APP
  • At times the App can be slow
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8. Better Hockey Extreme Stickhandling Trainer

Suitable for pros, the Better Hockey Extreme Stickhandling Trainer offers versatile training and is built to last. Moreover, the training kit has been used by the greatest 100NHL players. It is a favorite stickhandling trainer for coaches and players on different skill levels too.

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This extreme trainer can be used on and off the ice. Although it is inexpensive, the hockey tool is made from quality durable materials and will last for years. Also, it is compact, portable, easy to store, and very sturdy.

To perfect your skills, this stickhandling Trainer from Better Hockey will aid in getting sweet hands and improve your puck movement. It will also help improve your coordination as well as have a better reaction.

This hockey tool will help also perfect how you deke and move the puck to the front line since it includes 5sections for better creativity while off the ice field. You can create various combinations of drills for effective practice.

  • Ideal for pros and players on different level skills
  • Built to last
  • Helps perfect deke and dangle
  • Improves coordination and puck movement
  • It gives room for creativity while off the ice field
  • Since the footing is plastic, it is not as sturdy as rubber footing.
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9. Better Hockey Extreme Triangle Passer

Are you seeking to develop a one-time passer skill? The Better Hockey Extreme Triangle Passer is what you need. With continued use of this hockey training aid, you will score more goals.

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This Triangle Passer will help you improve your stickhandling skills, passing, shooting, and perfecting a one-time pass. There is a heavy-duty rebounder that comes with three 22inch passing slots.

Besides, you can use this training aid on hockey tiles, concrete, real ice, synthetic ice, flooring tiles, asphalt, and shooting pads. It has retractable spikes that help secure it to the ground when playing. Regardless of where you use this Extreme Passer, you can practice with your fellow players with a puck or green biscuit.

  • Helps one master the one-timer skill
  • Built to last hence value for money
  • It improves your passes and scores
  • Can be used on multiple floors thanks to the retractable spikes
  • Used by the greatest 100NHL players
  • Angled or harder passes sometimes slip under
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10. 4th Bee Core Balance Board

Once you have improved your stickhandling skills, passing, hand-eye coordination, quick response, and peripheral vision, its time you worked on your balance. To achieve that, the 4th Bee Core Balance Board is precisely what you require.

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With a board and roller, this training aid will help achieve the needed strength on your abdomen, legs, and core muscles when standing on it. At first, you may stand on the board for a few seconds then perfect the balancing skill with time. Your flexibility, too, will improve as well as physical control.

The natural roller on the 4th Bee Board is non-toxic and will not scrape your floors. It has better shape compared to petroleum-based rollers and has extra firmness.

The product is made of high-quality tech and can hold a maximum weight of 500lbs. What’s more, you can balance on it barefoot! Additionally, you can use the board for ski and snowboard balancing.

If you are worried about the measurements, the deck length and width are 29.5’’ and 10.5’’ respectively. As for the roller, the diameter is 4’’ while the length is 13’’.

  • The balance board will help gain flexibility as well as abdominal, legs, and core muscles strength
  • Can support up to 500lbs
  • The board is extra-firm and is ideal for physical therapy sessions
  • Has a stop plate installed on both sides to limit roller stoppage
  • Build with high-quality technology to withstand toughness
  • The board is not recommended for smooth surfaces
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Wrapping up

Hockey is a widely popular sport and highly followed in the United States. There is an ever-growing scope in the game but you need to give time and patience to hone your skills.

There are a variety of hockey training aids you can choose from. Whether it’s a passer, dangler, balance board, or flooring tiles, these training aids will help you hone the necessary hockey skills you need.

If you require a large training aid, the Hockey Revolution Dryland Teal Flooring Tiles is the solution. This is because you get to choose the number of interlocking tiles you need, and they are easy to assemble.

For someone seeking to improve his one-time shot, then the Better Hockey Extreme Triangle Passer will help you achieve that. Lastly, if you are worried about your balance and flexibility on ice, then the 4th Bee Core Balance Board is exactly what you require.

Ice hockey just got better with these 10 Best Hockey Stickhandling Tools.

10 Best Hockey Stickhandling Tools Reviews
  • Hockey Revolution Professional Training Flooring Tile
  • Hockey Revolution Lightweight Stickhandling Training Aid
  • Linwood Stick Handling Training Aid
  • Acon Wave Infinity Triangle Passer
  • Acon Wave Infinity Dangler
  • Hockey Revolution Dryland Teal Flooring Tiles
  • Hockey Revolution Lightweight Stickhandling Training Aid
  • Better Hockey Extreme Stickhandling Trainer
  • Better Hockey Extreme Triangle Passer
  • 4th Bee Core Balance Board


Hone your hockey skills by using these top rated hockey stick handling tools. We have covered different types of hockey training aids that will improve your puck handling, hand-eye coordination, speed, and stickhandling skills. Check the detailed reviews to choose the best stickhandling hockey training kit.


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