Tamale is an ancient dish which is very famous in regions like Texas, California, and Arizona primarily.

Believe us, if you really want to make those tasty tamales, you need to use only the best tamale steamer which is specially designed to make tamales.


Though in this post we have covered in great detail about the 10 best tamale steamers, let’s first understand what is a tamale and its ancient connect.

What is aTamale?

A tamale is a traditional, staple dish which is made of dough and steamed in banana leaf or corn husk.

Initially, this dish originated from Mexico and Guatemala in olden days. This archaic dish has continued to sustain in this modern world but is only cooked on some special occasions, festivals, and events.

Here is a small 1-minute video to help you understand about the brief history of tamales.

Tamales are not made alone because it is a pretty tiresome job for just one person. They are made on tamaladas, which is a traditional tamale-making party, by families or groups. It is a quite fun task and does not require much concentration or brain for assembling tamales.

There are innumerable versions or variations of tamales out there in the world right now. Some people fill the tamale with beef or any other kind of meat. Some fill it with fruits or veggies. Some even make a sweet version by filling it with chocolate or coconut.

The thing which cannot be altered is how it is prepared. It is steamed in a corn husk or banana leaf. Though people nowadays use tamale steamers to do so.

After doing rigorous research, we have listed down the top 10 tamale steamers available for you to prepare and relish the best tamale with your friends and family.

Let’s check the same:

10 Best Tamale Steamers for 2022

1. Gas One Stainless Steel Stock Pot


This Gas One steamer is perfect for all the needs as it is durable and can withstand strong heating even after hours of usage.

It is made out of high-quality stainless steel so it is resistant to any kind of heavy blows or corrosion from acidic elements.

This is one traditional cooking pot and does not have any kind of high-tech mechanics.

You just need to place it on the top of a gas burner. It has a sort of a roundish bottom so it cannot be placed properly upon a glass stove.

It can be used not just for steaming tamales but also for frying good value for money turkey or cooking seafood. This has a decent cooking and boiling speed and is ideal for a typical cooking or steaming session.

Let’s take a look at the highlighting features:

  • The pot is entirely made out of stainless steel.
  • It is tall and narrow so you will be able to fit in a lot of tamales or any other item in it at once.
  • It is constructed in such a way that it much more durable than the other standard steaming pots.
  • The large size of this pot makes it very easy to cook or steam plenty of tamales or vegetables or any kind of seafood at once.
  • The build quality is great. It is made of stainless steel and is durable. It is resistant to rusting or corrosion if used properly.
  • It provides good value for the money paid.
  • It is simple to use as there is is no sophisticated technology involved with this.
  • It is so tough that it can easily resist high temperatures for long periods of time.
  • It has a sort of bulging bottom so it cannot be used on glass cooktops.
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2. Bayou Classic 4042– All-Purpose Aluminum Stockpot


This steamer by Bayou is made out of aluminum so it does not have the advantages of a stainless steel steaming pot but the water in this pot heats up quicker.

This is a jumbo sized steaming pot so fitting 130 to 150 tamales would not be much of a problem.

There is a honeycombed basket provided so that it becomes easy to lift the steamed contents in one go, out of the pot.

The basket can be detached for boiling soup, pasta, vegetables or making stew. This steaming pot makes the water reach the boiling point quickly but also cools down the water faster than any other steaming pot, so we would not recommend you to use it for cooking food outdoors.

Let’s check the features:

  • This tamale steamer is made out of aluminium.
  • It comes with a detachable perforated basket which is used to lift the steamed substance.
  • This is a heavy-duty steaming pot with high strength and a lot of space.
  • The aluminium body makes it heat faster than a steamer with a stainless steel body.
  • This steaming pot is huge in size so you can easily fit a lot of tamales in it at once.
  • It contains a perforated basket which makes lifting the boiled or steamed contents really convenient.
  • There are other sizes of this steaming pot which are readily available in the market.
  • It cannot be doubled up as a fryer because it is made out of aluminium.
  • The aluminium body makes it loose heat quite faster than the other steamers with stainless steel body.
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3. Bayou Classic 1136


Unlike the previously mentioned steamer by Bayou, this is made out of stainless steel.

It is made of 304-grade steel which gives it a pretty premium look and feel.

This steamer also comes with a perforated basket for lifting the steamed contents.

The size of this steaming pot is quite big and is satisfactory enough for your steaming or frying needs.

Another good thing about this steamer is that it can also be used as a fryer which is not possible with some other steaming pots.

There is a chance that you may face a problem of rust with this steaming pot and it may get affected by salt so you should properly clean it after usage.

There would not be any other issues with this steamer and you would be completely satisfied with the price and quality of this steamer.

Time to check the important features:

  • This steaming pot is made out of 304-grade stainless steel.
  • A honeycombed basket is provided with this steaming pot.
  • It is available in multiple size options so that it suits your needs.
  • The 304-grade stainless makes this steaming pot pretty durable and sturdy.
  • The perforated basket provided is a nice addition and offers good help with lifting the steamed contents.
  • A lot of tamales can be steamed at once in this pot as it is huge in size.
  • It can also be used for frying seafood or any other substance.
  • With constant exposure to salt, rust can be formed upon this steaming pot.
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4. 24 Qt Tamale Steamer by Smart Cook– Affordable Tamale Steamer


Now, this steaming pot is specifically made for steaming and preparing tamales.

It has the perfect size if you have planned a small tamalada party and you want to steam just 50 to 60 tamales at once.

The weight is not so heavy due to the small size.

This steaming pot is made out of aluminum so it is actually excellent for proper distribution of heat.

This can be used for steaming not just tamales but also other things such as any kind of seafood or vegetables.

It comes with a steamer rack which has different types of holes so that it also works as a good water strainer.

The lid and handles also sit perfectly on their places and the lid does not let any heat or steam escape. Overall, this steaming pot gives good value for money.

Talking about the features:

  • It is made entirely out of aluminium.
  • Compact and sturdy with a splendid build.
  • The aluminium body provides splendid heat conduction.
  • It has a decent build and size.
  • This tamale steamer is available at a great price.
  • The heat conduction is splendid because of the aluminium body.
  • It is extremely lightweight.
  • The aluminium body tends to corrode if not handled or kept properly.
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5. IMUSA USA MEXICANA-428– Aluminum Steamer with Glass Lid


This tamale steamer is very operational considering the price at which it is available.

It is pretty spacious so that you can fit in tamales with ease.

Carrying around this steaming pot is also easy at it is light in weight.

This is a steaming pot which comes with a lid made out of tempered glass.

There are cool touch handles also present on this steaming pot. The transparent lid makes it easy to keep track of the food being cooked inside the steaming pot.

There are various sizes available for this steaming pot so you can purchase the perfect sized steamer according to the needs. The body is made out of aluminum so it has its own perks and weaknesses.

Time to uncover more features:

  • The steaming pot has an aluminium body.
  • This steamer has great heat conduction.
  • There is a tempered glass lid which sits on top of the steamer.
  • Ideal for for almost everything like tamales, vegetables, seafood etc.
  • Includes a detachable steamer so as to keep food above the boiling water.
  • This steaming pot has a quite sleek and clean design that makes it look attractive.
  • The tempered glass provided is shatterproof and it also lets us view the boiling contents inside the steaming pot.
  • The heat distribution is outstanding due to the aluminium body.
  • The detachable steamer is a decent addition to the package.
  • The build quality is quite poor and should have been better.
  • The materials are fragile and not satisfactory enough.
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6. M.D.S Cuisine Cookwares Stock Pot


This is another steaming pot made out of stainless steel.

The steamer is quite decent and possesses all the good qualities which should be present in a standard tamale steamer.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors because of its stainless steel body.

The body does not let any heat escape. The best thing is that this steaming pot works on all kinds of stovetops whether it be gas, induction or electric cooktop.

The material used for constructing this steaming top is not so thick but still, it cannot be called cheap.

The quality is good but could have been better. There can be a problem of rusting but if kept properly and washed properly, it will last for a long period of time.

Time for features:

  • This steaming pot has a stainless steel body.
  • A steamer rack is also provided with the package which makes things really easy.
  • It works perfectly on top of all stovetops.
  • The high operability of this steaming pot is appreciable, as it operates or functions perfectly whether it is kept on top of gas, induction plates or electric cooktops.
  • The steamer rack availability is a must, so it is available with this steaming pot too.
  • The stainless steel body is shiny and looks good.
  • Then there are also some advantages of stainless steel which adds up to the overall qualities of this steaming pot.
  • The body is not as tough and thick as it should be.
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7. Excelsteel Stainless Steel 4 Piece Multi-Cookware Set


This is a cookware set, not just a single, standard steaming pot.

The whole cooking set is made out of stainless steel and is extremely durable.

Rusting would not be much of a problem with this cookware set.

The design is great and the quality of the material used is pretty good too.

The top lid is also made out of tempered glass so it does not shatter on falling. The encapsulated bottom ensures that there is equal heat conduction on the bottom of the pot.

The whole cookware set is decently priced and is a great option if you want a steaming pot with all kinds of accessories.

There is a cooker pot, a vented tempered glass lid, a perforated pasta basket and a steamer basket in the whole package.

Here are the features:

  • It is a complete cookware set and is pretty versatile.
  • All the components are made out of stainless steel.
  • The top lid is made of transparent tempered glass.
  • The bottom is encapsulated so there is even heat distribution.
  • The complete kit is a must have, as all the components are pretty useful.
  • The stainless steel body is advantageous.
  • The transparent tempered glass top lid lets us keep a check on the items being cooked inside.
  • The encapsulated bottom guarantees superior distribution of heat.
  • The walls of the steaming pot are not thick enough so there are major chances of dents on them.
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8. Granite Ware Seafood/Tamale Steamer with Insert


This is one good looking steaming pot. It is pretty different from the other steaming pots in this list.

The core is made up of hard wearing carbon steel. The surface is done with porcelain, so it is easy to clean and has a nonstick surface.

A perforated insert is present with the steaming pot. It can easily pack in 50 to 60 tamales at once so that means size is not much of a problem.

This steaming pot can be used on top of electric burners or gas burners but we would not recommend you to place it on top of glass cooktops.

It should be washed manually and we recommend you do not place it in a dishwasher. Washing is pretty easy and should not be much of a problem.

Let’s have a look at the features:

  • This steaming pot is made of porcelain and the core is made of hard wearing carbon steel.
  • It has a perforated inert which is really useful.
  • There is a convex shaped lid which helps in trapping heat and moisture.
  • Almost four dozens of tamales can be placed at once inside this steaming pot.
  • It has a laminated smooth look and is black in color.
  • First of all, the looks of this steaming pot are absolutely amazing.
  • The black color and the chipped white look over it makes the looks even better.
  • The smooth laminate texture is pretty good too.
  • The inert provided is helpful and adds up to the purchase value.
  • This steaming pot is really easy to clean.
  • It cannot be used on top of glass cooktops.
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9. Cooks Standard Classic Cooker Steamer


This is also a cookware set and all the components are entirely made out of stainless steel.

So, you can make tamales and some other things like pasta, or simply boil vegetables or seafood in this cookware set or these multi pots.

There is an aluminum disc as the bottom layer on the steaming pot so that the heat conduction and distribution becomes better.

Aluminum has better heat conduction than stainless steel. The stainless steel lit keeps the heat and moisture intact.

This cookware set is aggressively priced and contains four elements in total, a stockpot, a pasta insert, a stackable steamer, and a stainless steel lid.

Let’s know more about the features:

  • There are four components in this cookware.
  • All the components are completely made out of stainless steel.
  • There is an encapsulated aluminium disc bottom for a heat distribution and conduction.
  • Works on all kinds of cooktops.
  • The aluminium disc bottom is a nice addition as it greatly increases heat conductivity and there is also even distribution of heat.
  • The steaming pot works on all types of cooking surfaces.
  • The stainless steel body is great.
  • The pricing of this cookware is really good.
  • The build quality is not as good as it should be.
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10. Hamilton Beach Digital Food Steamer


This steaming pot is multifunctional and is available at an outstanding price.

It has all the high-tech features that should be present in a perfect steaming pot.

There is a two-tier storage mechanism in this steaming pot.

It can be used for steaming two items at once even if the other item requires a longer time.

There is a digital touchpad which assists in setting the time. There is also a beep alert system which alerts you when the food is steamed wholly.

There is no problem regarding space as the center divider can be removed to place all the items perfectly. You get all these features and some other additional features that we haven’t talked about for a very satisfactory price.

Time to uncover the features:

  • Has a digital touchpad which is used for setting steaming duration.
  • A beep alert system is present to alert you if the food is steamed fully.
  • It has a two-tier mechanism so as to steam two items simultaneously.
  • There is a low water level alert button on this steaming pot.
  • Has a removable central tray so as to increase space for steaming just one item.
  • The size is not too large which is a good thing. The compact size makes it easy to store anywhere and also carrying it around becomes easy.
  • All the digital features work flawlessly.
  • This is the only decent steaming pot with digital features, in this list.
  • The two-tier mechanic is a good feature as sometimes you may want to steam two separate items at once.
  • There is enough room inside the steaming pot as the divider between the two compartments can be removed at will.
  • The plastic body makes it pretty less durable than the other options which are available with an aluminum or a stainless steel body.
  • This steaming pot is a bit tough to clean and it also cannot be just placed inside a dishwasher.
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Choosing the Right Tamale Steamer – Buyers Guide

How Should You Choose The Best Tamale Steaming Pot?

Every steamer should not be mistaken for a tamale steamer. There is additional equipment required for steaming the perfect tamales. The tamales are usually placed upright for steaming so the build of the steamer also matters.

These are the things which should be kept in mind while buying the best tamale steaming pot:-

  • The size of the steaming pot should be checked. Making tamales is a time-consuming process so you would want to steam as many tamales as you can, at once. Then the size should also not be too large and the steaming pot should be easy to handle, carry and store.
  • There can be majorly two types of steaming pots available, digital and non-digital. The digital ones have their own advantages like some special features that you would not get in any standard steaming pot made out of aluminum or stainless steel. The normal ones have an advantage of durability and they are also easy to clean.
  • Tamaleras are available in different kinds of materials. Aluminum and stainless steel are the two main materials used. Aluminum provides better heat conduction and distribution. Stainless steel is more durable.
  • Accessories should also be checked. There are many kinds of accessories that you can get with the package which assist you in making the perfect tamales.
  • Lastly, price and quality relationship is what matters. The quality of the material used and the build should be checked and the price should also be satisfactory.

Our Top Recommendation

Bayou Classic 1136

Buy on Amazon

The Bayou Classic 1136 certainly makes the top of the lot in our list. If you are still worried about making tamales, buy this steamer as it would ease out your task and help you make those tasty tamales.

To validate the recommendation, the Bayou Classic has got an amazing response from the customers and the same could be seen by reading the customer reviews on Amazon. It really helps you make different dishes. Apart from making tamales, you can use it for deep frying fish and chicken. Also, you can use it to steam and boil vegetables and seafood.

Here is a quick review:

Bayou Classic 1136 Steamer Review

Product Name: Bayou Classic 1136 36-qt Stainless Stockpot

Product Description: Bayou Classic 1136 is a stainless stickpot available in different sizes. It is a great steamer for making tasty tamales on the go.

[ More ]

  • Build Quality
  • Ease of Use
  • Price


Choosing the best tamale steamer is quite confusing. There are so many brands available in the market which offer you different types of steamers. 

The Bayou Classic 1136 is the best steamer in the segment. It has got outstanding reviews from the customers who have used the steamer for not only making tamales but other seasonal dishes as well. 


How to Make Tasty Tamales – The Recipe

The Ingredients To Be Used :-

  1. Dried Corn Husks
  2. Masa Harina
  3. Avocado Oil Or Corn Oil
  4. Chicken, Beef Or Vegetable Stock
  5. Baking Powder
  6. Ground Cumin
  7. Salt
  8. Chiken, Beef Or Pork
  9. Refried Beans
  10. Cheese
  11. Vegetables
  12. Sauce

Basic Preparation Of A Tamale

  1. Firstly, you need to soak the corn husks for about 30 minutes until they get soft.
  2. Then you need to mix up the dough or the masa and then it should be kept cool by keeping it in a refrigerator or covering it with a damp towel.
  3. Then preparation for salsa and fillings is to be made. These two elements need to be combined by tossing in a bowl.
  4. Then comes the tough part, assembling the tamales. Assemble the tamale carefully and prepare an assembly line of the assembled tamales.
  5. Then you just need to place them properly and carefully in a steaming pot.

Final Thought

We hope that now you would be able to make a wise choice while choosing the best steamer for making those healthy and tasty tamales.

We have tried our best to bring you the best of the option available in the market. You can also choose one of the mentioned tamale steamers for commercial purpose as well.

Still, if you face any confusion regarding any of the product review, do mention your query in the comments section below. We would be happy to help you.

Important: The images used in the post are taken from Amazon and stock photo sites (Flickr, Pixabay).

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  1. Tamales are really good when it comes to healthier snacking. It certainly has less calories as compared to other snacks.

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