Selecting the best tattoo gun kits in 2021 is no easy task, we tell you.

However, we did our best and came up with the list of the truly best tattoo kits that are currently available on the market, so you can have a better understanding of the products available and thus make an informed consumer decision.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect starter kit, or you consider yourself a pro tattoo artist that is looking for a great tattoo machine, we’ve got it covered for you!

Time to check the top rated tattoo kits:

Best Tattoo Gun Kits (Our Top Picks)

Things to consider when buying a tattoo kit:

1. Machine frame quality: Quality machine frames tend to be made of either copper, brass, or cast iron. There are other variants (e.g.aluminum) but they are not something that we recommend.

Cast iron machine frames are (in)famous for their weight which can be great for drawing lines and for any short tattooing session. However, working with a heavy machine causes a great deal of fatigue if you work with it for a longer period of time.

Brass and copper machine frames weigh much less than their cast iron counterparts and are perfectly suitable for any longer tattoo session.

Things to avoid: Aluminum machine frames. Their lack of any substantial weight makes them so lightweight that it is very hard to have any real control over drawing lines.

2. Finding a good user-friendly tattoo kit: It is of the utmost importance to find a kit that is easy to set up. Spending too much time setting up your machine can be really tiring and will potentially make you less interested in doing some magical tattoo work.

If you know that every time you want to create your art, you need to spend too much time on setting up your machine, you will be less inspired.

3. Machine weight: If you see yourself doing longer tattoo sessions, we strongly recommend buying a lighter machine within the recommended selection (see point 1). However, for any shorter session, the heavier machines are your best bet, since they are much more adequate for highly precise lining.

4. Price: Don’t get confused. There is a big difference between a budget option and a cheap option!

Since we are focusing on the best products out there on the market, you can rest assured that none of these options are your standard cheap tattoo kits that are not even beginner worthy.

This list contains numerous great beginner budget options that are even good for the intermediate tattoo artist. You will find so many brands that are highly rated and offer the best of the best features at an unbeatable price.

Not to get confused, if you want to pick a more expensive machine of this bunch, go ahead, you won’t regret it! But all of these options, even the cheaper ones, are guaranteed to serve you well for a long period of time!

What will you find in this article?

We have scoured the web and the whole tattooing world and reflected upon numerous incredible products that are available, which are all the very best items in their price range.

Our intention was to do that so you don’t have to, while still featuring a certain number of best products, thus providing you with everything you need so you can make a perfect choice.

All of the price ranges are present in this article, as well as the various degrees to which these kits are filled with useful accessories. Rotary machines, best starter kits, we have covered it all!

Best Tattoo Gun Kits Reviews

Whether you are just a beginner or a seasoned veteran, you will get a well-rounded sense of the situation on the market of today.

So, without further ado, let’s get started with the tattoo kit mania!

1. Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit 2

Are you someone who just entered the magic world of tattooing and just wants to get started, or a seasoned tattoo artist looking for the best ’’bang for your buck’’ tattoo kit? Either way, we have a very cool tattoo kit for you here!

The Dragonhawk complete tattoo kit is one kit which is amongst the bestseller tattoo kit on Amazon. It’s a great tattoo kit for beginners and we’ll tell you why!


Great for both, lining and shading, this tattoo kit is incredibly user-friendly, since its spring is highly elastic with anti-fatigue properties which make it great for any long stretched working hours.

One of the most convenient things about this high-quality tattoo machine is the fact that even if you have never tattooed before, you can set this tattoo kit in a matter of 5 minutes.

The instructions for this tattoo machine contain a handy link to a Dragonhawk YouTube channel that has all the info you need, but if you are there just for the basic setup, the two-minute video will cover all the basics that you need for setting up this tattoo kit.

This tattoo starter kit equipped with the coil machines comes with a digital power supply that is highly adjustable and it is controlled via foot pedal and a clip cord which really solidifies this tattoo machine’s place among the best tattoo kits in this price range since they make it highly reliable.

Other features of this tattoo machine are the practice skin and a wide variety of needles (r3, r5, m7, and m5).

What would a great tattoo kit be without great ink, right? Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about your beloved liquid gold without which any complete tattoo kit would not be truly worthy of its name!

This complete tattoo kit comes with a set of 10 vibrant and lively ink colors made by Immortal inks, straight out of the USA!

You also get the EO gas sterilized needles with this tattoo kit bonanza!

Final verdict:
Safety definitely comes first with this incredible tattoo kit! The Dragonhawk complete tattoo kit is an incredible tool if you’re an up-and-coming tattoo artist that just wants to get started, as well as if you are an experienced tattoo artist that wants to get the best quality tattoo kit within this price range.

It is incredibly user-friendly and its solid and sturdy build make it one of the best tattoo kits out there on the market within the said pricing point!

Highly recommended tattoo kit!

  • Dragonhawk CTK2 has incredible features within this price range.
  • Easy-to-assemble tattoo kit, no previous experience needed.
  • Digital power supply.
  • Coil tattoo machines.
  • Well-built tattoo kit, with many cool accessories.
  • Great tattoo gun starter kit.
  • Although high quality and generally held in high regard, the black colored ink seems bleak to some.
  • No carrying case for this tattoo kit.
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2. Solong Tattoo Complete Tattoo Kit 4

Where do we start with this tattoo machine?


If you consider yourself a liner and shader fetishist, this complete tattoo kit justifies its name by coming with not one, but four lining and shading machine guns of the highest professional caliber.

If you find it difficult to distinguish between liner and shader machine guns, don’t worry, the guys at Solong really made it dummy proof within this complete tattoo kit!

The liner and shader machine guns in this tattoo kit are sorted as follows: blue guns – shader, yellow guns – liner.

In today’s times, the LCD digital power supply is a must in the tattoo machine world and this piece of gear makes no exceptions in that regard.

The power supply comes with a foot pedal and clips cord so you can adjust the voltage as you wish while using this truly great complete tattoo kit.

Pink Floyd once wrote a song called “Any Colour You Like”, and since we have seen this tattoo machine we are getting more and more convinced that it was written about this tattoo kit.

Why you may wonder? Well, it comes with 54 bottles of full colors, that’s why! For all of you newbies to the tattoo machines, don’t worry, this tattoo kit comes with 5ml of the practice tattoo ink.

Now we know that you being a tattoo artist tend to be a hygiene freak, so we thought it was important to mention that all of those inks are positive and gamma-ray sterilized.

Final verdict:
So, the guys and gals at the Solong company really gave their best to make this one appropriate to be called the best tattoo kit, at least within this pricing range.

Therefore, they’ve put together a package that consists of 50 tattoo needles (round line for lining and all others for shading), 10  tips, 10  grips, and 100  ink cups.

We are really starting to get the impression that their motto was ‘’sharing is caring’’ because with this tattoo kit you are also getting 1 bottle of 1oz ture black tattoo ink, as a gift!

This tattoo kit is an incredible mixture of the higher end intermediate features at a beginner starter kit price!

The adjustable power supply, numerous items, and general versatility of this tattoo machine definitely promote this one among the best coil tattoo machines if you consider the quality-price ratio.

  • This one rates high among other tattoo machines in terms of the quality-price ratio.
  • Among the best-equipped tattoo kits at this price range. In this sense, it can be said that it even leans towards some of the pro tattoo kits.
  • Coil tattoo machine.
  • Best tattoo starter kit.
  • Some of the customer reviews suggest that the paper manual that comes with this tattoo kit is somewhat unclear.
  • No carrying case.
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3. Complete Tattoo Kit 2 by Dragonhawk

If you are looking for an expensive ultra-high quality, the ‘’best of the best tattoo machine’’, you should probably skip this one.

Complete Tattoo Kit 2 Machine Tattoo Gun Power Supply Needles 20 Inks L3
2,894 Reviews
Complete Tattoo Kit 2 Machine Tattoo Gun Power Supply Needles 20 Inks L3

  • Includes 20 color inks.
  • Comes with digital tattoo power supply.
  • Value for money tattoo kit.

However, if you are a beginner looking for a great tattoo kit, this just might be the best accessory at this incredibly affordable price.


This tattoo kit is very simple in its nature and it is very easy to set up, at least compared to other tattoo kits out there on the market. It comes with two tattoo machines, an LED digital power supply with the foot pedal, and a clip cord.

As far as colors go, this tattoo kit comes with 20 different ink colors. Among other accessories, this tattoo machine comes with a practice skin and a little bit of transfer paper.

If you are an up-and-coming tattoo artist, this one would be a match made in heaven in your hands!

It is the perfect home tattooing practice gadget with a very stable power supply. 

Final verdict:
The Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit 2 stands out as the ideal beginner tattoo practice kit among other coil tattoo machines since the features are great and the price is super-affordable!
  • The ideal home practicing tattoo kit.
  • Incredible price/quality ratio.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Among the best tattoo machine starter kits!
  • As with many other products at this pricing point, the ink is not of the best quality.
  • It comes with no instructions, so you have to use Mr. Google to find your much-needed info.
  • No carrying case.
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4. Solong Complete Starter Beginner Tattoo Kit 4

All of the products we have mentioned above are primarily starter tattoo kits, but this one may even go beyond that level and be great for a professional tattoo artist.


This tattoo kit comes with four professional coil tattoo machine guns, two for each shading and lining. All of the tattoo machines that are featured in this tattoo kit are 6 gauge coil machines.

The tattoo inks come in 28 different colors.

The obligatory LED digital power supply is also present here with both a foot pedal and a clip cord.

You get 50 sterilized needles, 60 tattoo tips, 10  inks, and 100 cups for tattoo inks. One pair of disposable tattoo gloves also comes in handy with other cool accessories such as one aluminum alloy case, one tattoo kit paper manual and CE certification, and a one year warranty.

Final verdict:
This one is among the very finest tattoo kits for intermediate tattoo artists. Tattoo machine guns of the highest quality, all the well-thought-out accessories, and a digital power supply (our tip: use under 12V to protect the power supply and the tattoo guns) make it a nice well-rounded product!
  • Very affordable.
  • Incredible gadgets and accessories.
  • One year warranty.
  • High-quality stainless steel coil tattoo machines.
  • Among the best tattoo starter kits!
  • The ink that comes with this package (just like with any other tattoo kit for beginners and most of the professional tattoo kits for that matter) is not of the highest quality.
  • No carrying case (again, see professional tattoo kits, it’s a hard-to-find feature among starter kits).
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5. Solong Tattoo Complete Starter Beginner Tattoo Kit 2

Solong Tattoo Complete Starter Beginner Tattoo Kit 2 Pro Machine Guns 14 Inks Power Supply Foot Pedal Needles Grips Tips TK212
870 Reviews
Solong Tattoo Complete Starter Beginner Tattoo Kit 2 Pro Machine Guns 14 Inks Power Supply Foot Pedal Needles Grips Tips TK212

  • Includes 2 pro tattoo guns.
  • 14 practice inks.
  • All the necessary accessories for beginners.


This tattoo kit is equipped with two pro tattoo machine guns.

Each machine gun is a 10 wrap and both of those are coil tattoo machines.

Both shader and liner tattoo guns are to be found here in this tattoo machine kit. The gold one (RL) is for lining, while the other one (RS) is for shading.

The tattoo inks that you get with this high-quality tattoo kit come in fourteen different colors. Have in mind that those tattoo inks are mainly for practice.

The Solong Tattoo power supply comes with the foot pedal and a clips cord. It keeps the voltage very stable and while it is adjustable, we do not recommend using it over 12V.

You also get 20 tattoo tips, 2 tattoo grips, and 100 cups for tattoo inks.

This tattoo kit features a CE certificate and a one year warranty.

Final verdict:
An incredible starter kit that comes along with some great features that are usually to be found among the more expensive ends of the tattoo kit market spectrum.
  • The needles come with handy rubber bands.
  • Power supply highly adjustable and stable which is a must for you, as a respectable tattoo artist.
  • Among the best starter kits!
  • Stainless steel coil machines!
  • The package contains neither transfer paper, nor the practice skin.
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6. Wormhole Tattoo Complete Tattoo Kit for Beginners

This tattoo kit for beginners, just like many other kits for beginners, comes with a big amount of very useful add-ons and accessories. It literally contains everything you need.

It is definitely a love at first sight, since the packaging of this tattoo kit is so suave and nice that it can be handed as a present, no joke.


This high-quality tattoo kit contains two tattoo guns. One shader and liner each.

The mandatory digital power supply is also present here which is controlled by the foot pedal and a clip cord, making this tattoo machine easily adjusted with a very fast and accurate activation time.

The disposable tattoo gloves, practice skin, and tattoo transfer paper also come within this package.

The ink contained within this tattoo machine contains ten random 5ml bottles of tattoo ink. It also comes with one 30ml bottle of true black tattoo ink.

The instruction manual for this tattoo machine is accompanied by the online guide, instructional video, and tattoo designs. All of those cool add-ons will be waiting for you on the Wormhole tattoo YouTube channel.

Final verdict:
With its incredible looks and features, and given it’s a rather humble price tag, this one is a true bang for your buck!
  • Incredibly good looking tattoo machine.
  • A large number of features that will satisfy all of your needs.
  • Tattoo guns for both shading and lining.
  • Among the best tattoo starter kits.
  • Somewhat unclear instructions.
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7. Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit

Don’t let the somewhat low price of this great kit fool you! It is both great as a tattoo starter kit as well as a professional tattoo artist kit.

Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit for Beginners 2 Pro Tattoo Machine Tattoo Power Supply Kit Tattoo Inks 20 Tattoo Needles Tips Tattoo Supplies
4,083 Reviews
Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit for Beginners 2 Pro Tattoo Machine Tattoo Power Supply Kit Tattoo Inks 20 Tattoo Needles Tips Tattoo Supplies

  • Includes 2 tattoo coil machine guns.
  • Made of superior composite materials.
  • Safe and bright inks Made in USA.


It contains two pro tattoo machines. They are not rotary tattoo machines. Instead what you get is good old, reliable coil tattoo machines, within this package.

One of the coil tattoo machines is of course for shading, while the other is for the lining. Both of these tattoo machines are cast iron with 10 wrap coils.

They are beautifully designed with anti-fatigue properties that are quite handy for longer working hours.

The ink that comes within this package is your usual starter tattoo ink. It is made by ’’Immortal Inks’’ from the USA.

The power supply you get is both Dragonhawk and LED digital power supply with a foot pedal and a clip cord.

The needles that you get here are twenty EO sterilized tattoo needles. The guys and girls at Dragonhawk guarantee that each and every product is tested before packaging, so they guarantee that the product is in mint condition.

Final verdict:
Incredible add-ons with the exquisite travel case that is guaranteed to preserve your precious machine. With its affordable price, this one is sure to be among the best picks currently available on the market.
  • Since this is not your average starter tattoo package, you get a lovely travel case.
  • Comes with the practice skin and transfer papers.
  • Dragonhawk guarantees that each and every product is tested before packaging.
  • Great stainless steel tattoo machines.
  • The sturdiness of the travel case could be improved a bit in the next version.
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8. Solong Tattoo Complete Starter Tattoo Kit 1

We figured the best way to start this review with a statement of our appreciation for the Solong Tattoo company and its well-equipped kits.

This tattoo machine kit is no exception, one of the best Solong products out there on the market.


It comes with a 10 wrap coil machine gun, great for both lining and shading.

The power supply is your standard digital power supply with a foot pedal and a clips cord, which is definitely the best option available on the market.

The 14 color ink comes in bottles of 5ml and handy practice skin.

The package features 20 needles, 20  tips, 1 tattoo grip, and 100 ink cups.

The best way to assemble this tattoo machine is to follow the instructions from your user’s manual. It comes with a CE certificate and you get one year warranty on this product.

Final verdict:
The Solong tattoo complete starter kit rates highly as a tattoo kit for beginners, but it is equally adept for the folks that are experienced in different types of tattoo.
  • A great number of cool features.
  • One year warranty with free replacement service.
  • Great both as a tattoo starter kit and for some more experienced tattoo artists!
  • Coil tattoo machine.
  • Although the ink can be used on human skin, it is not of the ultra professional caliber.
  • Although good, the packaging is not that travel friendly.
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9. Wormhole Tattoo Complete Tattoo Kit 1

If you are someone who just wants to try out tattooing and to see if you’re the right person for that job, this just might be the best tattoo kit machine for you.

Wormhole tattoo Complete Tattoo Kit 1 Pro Machine kit Tattoo Guns kit 10 Inks Power Supply Foot Pedal Needles Grips Tips SL-TK033
796 Reviews
Wormhole tattoo Complete Tattoo Kit 1 Pro Machine kit Tattoo Guns kit 10 Inks Power Supply Foot Pedal Needles Grips Tips SL-TK033

  • Includes a professional online guide for easy setup.
  • Foot peddle and clamp table for consistent power supply.
  • Value for money tattoo kit.

Tattoo kits for beginners sometimes tend to come with numerous fancy add-ons, but this one is a straight-to-the-point package with only the elementary stuff you need.


Before you delve into the magic world of tattooing and different types of tattoo, you should probably try yourself out with a practice skin, before you do it on a real person.

In this kit that is exactly what you’ll get. The practice skin is accompanied by 20 needles (5 x 3RL;5 x 5RL,5 x 5M1,5x 7M1) and 20 tattoo tips.

The ink you will be getting is a 30ml bottle of true black and 10 random color 5ml bottles. Besides that, you will get 20 small ink cups with base and 20 medium ink cups with base.

Just so you don’t get your hands dirty, the disposable gloves come in as well.

The mandatory digital tattoo power supply is yet another cool property of this great kit.

You will also get one tattoo machine gun which is able of both lining and shading.

Final verdict:
A very cool item that is probably the best choice for the hobby oriented tattoo enthusiasts! As far as all of you soon-to-be professional tattoo artists, this is probably where you need to start also.

Remember, baby steps first!

  • Probably the best option that is available in the market if you see tattooing as your hobby.
  • Perfect starter kit for a hobby-oriented tattoo artist!
  • Coil tattoo machines.
  • No transfer paper.
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10. Stigma tattoo gun Complete Tattoo Kit

You may have wondered at this point if we’ll feature any rotary machines on our list. Well, now seems to be the appropriate time for a great piece of rotary tattoo machine!

The rotary machines are hard to find at this particular price range, but then again, Stigma really raised the bar here…


This complete tattoo kit does not only feature a rotary tattoo machine that goes by the name of ’’M682’’, but also a coils machine for lining and shading.

The 20 needles you get here are all top class.

CNC power supply is another very interesting feature of this luxurious package.

With this complete tattoo kit, you are getting 7 high-quality inks. But, have in mind, they are probably not appropriate for all types of tattoo.

Final verdict:
If you have the money and if you are this much into tattooing, this just may be the best tattoo kit option you’ve got that is available in the market.

The best of both worlds! Rotary tattoo machine with a coil gun as well!

  • Incredibly well built.
  • You get both a rotary tattoo machine and a coil tattoo machine.
  • 7 quality inks.
  • Well, you can consider the price to be the only low point of this fine product. But, that cannot be a serious drawback since you are getting your money’s worth with this rotary tattoo machine that is definitely among the best tattoo machines in this price range.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best tattoo machine kit to buy?

The only appropriate response to this one is the ever-dreaded ’’it depends’’. But, it really does.

You need to figure out your tattooing expectations, what is it that you want, your budget limitations, and all the other stuff that is needed to appropriately enter this realm of wonderful tattoo kits.

Are you ready to spend your hard-earned cash on a rotary tattoo machine, or is the good old coil machine enough for you?

The good news is, do not worry, we have got you covered!

Whether you are just a beginner that is about to take the machine in his or her hand for the first time ever, whether if you are a hobbyist that wants a cool handy tattoo machine, or a professional that is looking for a great tool for his business, you will most certainly find what you need, here, among our top 10 picks.

The best tattoo options are highly individual and you are sure to find your perfect match within our deeply researched selection!

All of the price ranges are covered and every range is represented with the best tattoo machine items the market has to offer.

If you are just starting out, we recommend some of the lower-priced items on our list. Because they are budget options, not cheap options, as aforementioned.

If you are a professional and your budget allows you so, please go ahead and treat yourself with some of the more expensive items on this list, you won’t regret it.

And if you are anywhere in between, there are incredible products on this list that you would not believe are available with these prices.

What kind of tattoo guns do professionals use?

The main hallmark of a professional tattoo kit is that it has rotary tattoo guns.

Rotary guns tend to be a staple of the best tattoo kit products.

That is the usual suspect among professional-tier tattoo equipment. The main draw of the rotary guns is their low maintenance and the fact that they are incredibly easy to use.

How much does a tattoo gun cost?

The prices usually go from 40 dollars up to 100 dollars.

Rotary tattoo machines tend to be more expensive since they are the type you are more likely to find the best tattoo kit available if that is something that you are after.

Most of the professional tattoo artists use rotary machines.
Tattoo kits for beginners tend to feature coil machines which make them cheaper.

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