Are you an entry-level artist looking for a beginner tattoo kit or a professional tattoo artist looking to add a new tattoo gun to your collection?

Do you find the variety of tattoo machine brands on the market overwhelming? 


Although there are tons of brands that make tattoo machines, we narrowed our choice to the top eight tattoo machine brands for 2022.

To do this, we researched the best-rated products on Amazon, read over 250 customer reviews, watched Youtube reviews, and researched tattoo forums like tattoo planet to come up with a final list.

Best Tattoo Machine Brands in 2022

It is advisable that you settle for a renowned brand to ensure value for your money. The options listed below are among the best tattoo machine brands that offer all the essential features to get you started.

Here are the 8 best tattoo machine brands: 

  1. Dragonhawk
  2. Solong
  3. Stigma
  4. Hawink
  5. Ambition
  6. Wormhole
  7. Mast Tour
  8. Atomus

1. Dragonhawk: Best Budget Tattoo Machine Brand

Dragonhawk is among the best tattoo machine brands for coil and rotary tattoo guns. The brand is known for beginner and professional kits and has higher customer ratings as compared to newer brands like Hawink.

Dragonhawk beginner tattoo kits feature a wide range of accessories that provide ample practice with various tattoo procedures. 

Besides their quality, Dragonhawk tattoo guns are fan favourites owing to their ease of adjustment, compatibility with various needle cartridges, and excellent customer service. 


Since its foundation in Hongkong in 2001, Dragonhawk has produced some of the best kits in multiple categories.

In 2004, the brand acquired a trademark registry and established its name as the worldwide producer of quality tattoo machines. 

In 2012, the brand produced the compass handmade coil machine, which dominated the market and redefined many artists’ tattooing experience. 


A testament to the brand’s reputation is the positive customer reviews on Amazon and endorsement by the famous tattooist Gabe Shum. Shum is a renowned maestro in the tattoo field who has a vast clientele of notable celebrities like David Beckham and Lebron James.


Dragonhawk is a reputable dealer of tattoo machines and produces both premium and budget tattoo gun kits.

The coil machines feature quality aluminum/ cast iron material and sterling silver contact screws, which allow for precise use. 

Among the noteworthy Dragonhawk models are:

 1.1 Dragonhawk Mast Tour Rotary Tattoo Machine

Dragonhawk Mast Tour rotary tattoo machine is arguably the best tattoo pen on the market.

Unlike most tattoo pens, this pen offers increased ink storage, fast torque, and soft hitting, which provides an excellent tattooing experience. 

Dragonhawk Tattoo Pen Kit Rotary Mast Tour Tattoo Machine Cartridges Needles Power Supply Foot Pedal Complete Tattoo Kit D366
4,447 Reviews

Even better, the machine is light and features an ergonomic design that few brands can rival. The Dragonhawk Mast Tour rotary machine is also compatible with ENO 7 needles, thus makes for easy cartridge replacements.


  • One power supply unit
  • A power cord
  • 20 cartridges
  • A foot pedal 
  • Dragonhawk Rotary tattoo pen


The Mast Tour rotary machine is great for beginners and professional tattoo artists. Unlike its rivals, the Mast Tour rotary kit features a power supply unit and a foot pedal, which allow for precise voltage control.

Dragonhawk Mast Tour also features a one-piece needle and plunger overmold, which ensures maximum stability and control. In addition to its silent operation, the lightweight design allows for long durations of use, thus allowing for outstanding designs. 

Dragonhawk rotary tattoo machine frames are easy to detach from the grip, allowing for easy cleaning. You should note that the needle cartridges should be discarded after use and replaced by sterilized lining and shading needles.

Overall, the Dragonhawk Mast tour offers a wider array of features for a price below $50, thus a great budget tattoo machine.

  • It is Lightweight
  • Silent operation
  • Easily adjustable needle depth
  • Includes all essentials to get you started
  • Compatible with ENO 7 cartridges
  • It does not include an instruction manual

2.2 Dragonhawk Complete Coil Machine Tattoo Kit

This Dragonhawk kit ranks among the best tattoo coil machine kits for the money. Unlike most of its counterparts, this set features a liner and shader, which allow for faster transitioning during your sessions.

Additionally, the kit includes all the necessary tools for practice, thus is a quality starter tattoo kit.


  • Ten wrap coils
  • 10 Immortal inks
  • Two coil machines for lining and shading
  • A foot pedal
  • One practice skin 
  • A power supply unit
  • 20 EO sterilized needles


The Dragonhawk complete coil tattoo machine is a quality kit that stocks all necessary accessories to hone your craft.

Among its outstanding features is the highly elastic, antifatigue copper springs that provide long durations of comfortable use.

Additionally, the set features quality coils and contact screws, which provide durable service.

Like the rotary tattoo kit, the coil tattoo machine features a power supply unit and a foot pedal.

These power controls ensure consistent deposition of ink on the skin, resulting in uniform designs.

However, the immortal ink in the set may prove less than ideal as it fades over time. It would be best if you used it to outline your design before finalizing it with more durable ink. 

  • Durable
  • Convenient
  • Budget-friendly
  • Features all necessary materials to get you started
  • Compatible with a wide range of cartridges
  • Coil machines are louder than their rotary counterparts

2. Solong: Best Tattoo Machine Brand for the Money

Tattooing is a popular craft in China, with its practice enshrined within their culture. The Chinese heritage is further cemented by Solong tattoo machines, which are a hallmark among coil tattoo machine brands.


The Solong Tattoo is top among the best tattoo machine brand reviews for various categories. Solong was founded in 2009 by Chinese manufacturers.

Like the Dragonhawk, Solong produces affordable sets, which attract many tattoo artists.

Solong is set apart from its competition as it features quality accessories and costs a fraction of Dragonhawk and Wormhole kits.

Solong kits are a great pick as they feature 2-4 machines that ensure precise attention to details within your designs. 


Solong tattoo guns are recognized as the best tattoo machine brands among various options on the market for their budget-friendly tags.

Unlike some sets, Solong has an appealing customer rating on Amazon and great customer support.

Even better, Solong ranks among the famous producers for cartridges and other essentials, making it easy to find suitable replacements.

Solong beginner tattoo machines also provide quality silica gel practice skins, which help you master your handling before use on human skin. 


Some of the noteworthy Solong tattoo machines include:

2.1 Solong TK102 Complete Starter Tattoo Kit

This Solong tattoo kit is among the popular options among coil machine starter tattoo sets.

The TK102 machine features a wide array of essential accessories to get you started. 


  • 14 5-ml inks
  • A power supply unit
  • Solong coil tattoo machine
  • A foot pedal
  • One practice skin
  • 100 needle cups
  • 50 rubber O-rings
  • An Allen key
  • 50 gloves


At its price point, the Solong TK102 kit is an unrivaled contender for the “best tattoo starter kit” title. The wide range of accessories included in the set ensures a quality experience with enough power and precise needle length control.

Even better, the machine is CE certified, assuring you of your safety and that of your clients.

However, this kit features a single-coil tattoo machine thus relies on voltage control for shading and lining.

This limitation makes the machine more affordable than kits with multiple guns without compromising its features. 

  • Affordable
  • Features a wide range of accessories to get you started
  • Easy to assemble
  • Includes quality practice skins
  • It does not include a carrying case

2.2 Solong EK 129-1 Rotary Tattoo Machine

Solong EK 129 is a high-quality, durable, lightweight pen compared to other tattoo machines.

The aircraft aluminum anodized body provides a stable, ergonomic feel which ensures maximum control over your designs.


  • 20 sterilized cartridge needles
  • 5 T201 transfer papers
  • A foot pedal and other power supplies
  • One power supply unit
  • A carrier case
  • Eight inks
  • Disposable gloves
  • Ink cups


The Solong EK 129 machine features a wide range of accessories that ensure a consistent power supply, resulting in uniform ink placement. The set also features an 8V motor which provides quality torque, thus allowing for fast performance.

The EK 129 machine is also a great liner and shader. When using the set, it is recommended that you tune the power supply unit to 6-9V for shading and 8-11 V for the lining.

  • Lightweight anodized aluminum alloy build
  • CE certified
  • Budget-friendly
  • Features all the essential tools to get you started
  • It comes with a carrier case
  • You should invest in quality ink as the included ink fades fast

2.3 Solong EM128 Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit

The Em128 rotary pen is among the best-selling tattoo machines, with features that few models can match. Unlike its counterparts, the EM128 pen features a 1500mAh battery which allows for wireless performance. 

This design allows for more flexibility, therefore, yields quality designs without straining your arm. 


  • 50 pcs of cartridge needles
  • A 5.5 DC connection
  • The Solong EM128 pen


Among the various models we covered, this Solong kit ranks the most comfortable. Besides its wireless performance, the Solong rotary tattoo machine features a stable build and silent operation, allowing for long durations of use.

The machine also features a wide needle protrusion range which allows for quality performance on various skin types. Adjusting the needle is also an easy task, requiring you to change the grip’s front end. 

The Em128 rotary tattoo kit also features a 5-level voltage control, allowing for precise voltage and uniform designs. 

  • Lightweight
  • Low noise
  • Durable 1500mAh rechargeable battery
  • CE certified
  • Additional purchases are required

3. Stigma: Best for Intermediate Tattoo Artists

Precision is an essential element for the production of quality tattoo designs. Rotary machines offer more precision over their coil counterparts as they have lower vibrations. 

Stigma ranks as a powerhouse among the best rotary tattoo machine brands. Besides Stigma tattoo machines’ quality material, these sets offer quality control and reliable customer service. 

Owing to its quality build, it is no doubt that Stigma is the best brand for professional tattoo artists.


Stigma rotary tattoo machines rank among the most innovative tattoo guns for beginner and professional artists. This brand features German engineering and manufacturing, thus assures you of a quality, durable service. 

Even better, the rotary tattoo guns are powered by quality swiss motors, which offer a consistent power supply and durable service. The Stigma line of tattoo machines was established in 2005 by the artist Artemis Rosakis.

Rosakis developed a quick adjustable hit which provides soft and hard hits depending on the skin surface. This allows for a painless experience and quality, uniform designs that are befitting its price tag. 


As is expected of its build, this Germany-manufactured tattoo machine offers quality, durable service that few models can match. The brainchild of Artemis also boasts of a quality screening process, which is seen through the ratings provided by its customers.

The company produces small quantities thus can thoroughly inspect each machine before release. This system was seen in the get-go of the company, where the prototype built in 2003 underwent improvement before its release in 2005.


Some of the fantastic sets by Stigma include: 

3.1 Stigma EM125 Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit

The Stigma EM125 rotary tattoo kit is a renowned classic pen-style machine. This ranks among the few wireless kits on the market and provides a durable 1500mAh battery.

Even better, the machine features a high-quality motor and advanced gear system, which offer a quiet, vibration-free operation.


  • 20 sterilized EO cartridge needles
  • 2 1500mAh batteries
  • Grip bandages
  • A storage case


Convenience is a key priority when selecting the best tattoo machine for your needs. The Stigma rotary machine excels in comfort owing to the two batteries which are included in the kit. 

The provided batteries can run for three to six hours, depending on the output voltage. As such, the machine allows for long durations of work, without breaks for recharging.

The pen is even better designed from a space aluminum frame, which offers durable performance while retaining an ergonomic, lightweight build. The classical machine weighs 112g which is easy to wield without losing your stability and hand control.

  • CE certified
  • Lightweight
  • Convenient to use
  • Vibration-free operation
  • Includes a storage case
  • The package does not include practice skins and transfer papers

3.2 Stigma EM158 Premium Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen

The Stigma EM158 pen is a quality model that rivals its premium tattoo machine models.

Unlike many rotary tattoo pens, the EM158 tattoo machine features a strong battery that provides durable service and consistent voltage output.

Additionally, the machine features a quality Japanese coreless motor which provides a silent, vibration-free experience. The machine features an LED control, making for easy tuning of the stroke length and voltage adjustment.

As a result, this tattoo machine provides quick adjustments, which are essential for creating your tattoo designs. 


  • A 2000mAh Lithium battery
  • Five wrap coils
  • power supplies


Like the former, this professional rotary tattoo machine features a quality aircraft aluminum alloy that efficiently controls your designs.

Unlike other materials, aircraft aluminum alloy is light thus does not compromise your tattooing experience. 

The 2000mAh battery has a running life of between six to eight hours, depending on the voltage output.

Even better, the battery gains full charge within two hours, thus allowing you to take on long tattooing sessions. 

  • Lightweight design
  • Silent operation
  • Durable 2000mAh lithium battery
  • Quality, ergonomic grips
  • Long battery life
  • Precise LED control
  • This tattoo machine kit does not include practice skins or transfer papers

3.3 Stigma MK648 Complete Tattoo Kit

The MK648 is an upgrade to the old-school coil tattoo machines. Besides the improved build, the machine features a wheel drive motor, thus yield a quality stroke frequency.

Even better, this Stigma complete tattoo kit features a wide range of accessories which are enough to get you started.


  • Foot pedal
  • Tattoo power supply unit
  • Tattoo gun
  • Ink cups
  • Disposable gloves
  • Carrier case
  • wrap coils
  • FDA certified tattoo ink
  • Quality practice skins
  • 20 tattoo needles


The quality and range of accessories included in the MK648 tattoo kit are a steal for their price. Unlike many sets, this kit comes with FDA-certified inks, which are ideal for human skin use. 

This tattoo machine weighs 270g; thus is more comfortable to control compared to heavier models. Therefore, the power supply unit and foot pedal allow for precise control of the voltage output, therefore, yield a uniform design.

The variety of accessories saves you from incurring extra costs, thus minimizing your running costs.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Includes five FDA certified inks
  • Features a quality wheel drive motor that provides 8000 r/m
  • The package includes a carrying case
  • It does not include setup instructions

4. Hawink

Tattoo pens are among the trends that have redefined the tattooing experience for many artists. Among various brands, however, Hawink is reputed for its ergonomic pen design and quality build.

Unlike other wireless tattoo pens, Hawink pens offer a quality Maxon motor that provides good lining and shading power. Even better, the Hawink rotary tattoo machine features all essential supplies to get you started, thus regulating your initial cost. 


The Hawink tattoo brand was founded in 2008 and was the first manufacturer of wireless tattoo machines. From its conception, the wireless pen has gained substantial traction and earned a spot in the hearts of tattoo artists.


A glance at the Hawink customer reviews shows the confidence the users have in this rotary tattoo machine. Like other brands on the list, Hawink has channels to reach their customer support if you experience any challenges. 


Some of the noteworthy Hawink products include: 

4.1 Hawink EM136 Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit

This Rotary pen kit by Hawink is a budget-friendly option for artists seeking quality service at an affordable price.

Unlike most options, this kit includes all essential tools to get you started for a surprisingly low cost.


  • 20 Quelle premium cartridge needles
  • Grip tape wrap
  • A 1500mAh battery


Although this machine is a budget option, it provides a quality service with substantial torque and smooth shaft rotation. The tattoo machine is also built to resemble a pen, thus provides a lightweight, ergonomic feel. 

The selling point for this rotary pen is the strong battery and five-level voltage adjustment. Besides ensuring a precise voltage for lining and shading, the adjustment removes a foot pedal and power control unit’s need. This protects you from additional costs and allows for easy control.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable 1500mAh battery
  • Wireless operation
  • Budget-friendly
  • The smooth exterior necessitates the use of a grip tape wrap

5. Ambition: Budget-friendly tattoo machine brand

The Ambition rotary tattoo machine is a statement from the manufacturer. Unlike many wireless tattoo machines, Ambition is affordable, thus one of the best starter tattoo kit. Like Dragonhawk, the set is compatible with all cartridge needle brands, thus making for easy replacements.

Even better, Ambition sets feature powerful Japanese coreless motors which can run for long durations of use.  The quality features and affordable price make Ambition one of the best tattoo machine brands for professionals and beginners alike.


The ambition was founded in 2012 to help artists realize their potential. Since its establishment, Ambition has produced various cost-efficient tattoo machines, which have helped many artists develop their skills.

Ambition has produced a variety of machines that have received positive feedback from various market users. 


Some of the best Ambition models include: 

5.1 Ambition Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine

The Ambition wireless rotary pen ranks top on the list of pen tattoo machines.

Its quality is backed by the customers’ positive reviews and effortless control that few pens can rival.


  • 1950mAh Battery 
  • Fast charging USB data cable


The Ambition rotary tattoo machine provides the most comfortable control with an LCD screen and three-button control, among various options.

The tattoo machine also weighs a small 210g which allows for quality control, thus provides for more control over your designs.

The Ambition tattoo machine is designed from an aluminum CNC carved alloy frame, which provides a lightweight, ergonomic feel. The supplied battery has a long 8-hour runtime and requires two hours for a full charge.

  • Lightweight
  • Quality control
  • Durable
  • 1950mAh battery
  • Wireless operation
  • The kit does not include cartridges and needles

5.2 Ambition Xnet Rotary Tattoo Machine

The Xnet is yet another popular choice among rotary tattoo machines.

Like the former, the Xnet features an LCD and button control, which allow for faster tuning of your tattoo machine. 


  • Ambition rotary machine
  • A fast-charging USB data cable


Rotary pens are preferred over coil machines owing to their silent operation and lightweight design. The Xnet Ambition rotary tattoo machine offers a light 210g build owing to its CNC carved aluminum shell.

Even better, the pen offers a quality 3.5mm stroke length which is ideal for various skin types and makeup tattoos. For optimal performance, use the machine at 6-8V for shading and 8-9V for the lining.

  • Lightweight CNC carved aluminum shell
  • Durable 1800mAh battery
  • Easy assembly
  • Quality grip
  • Budget-friendly
  • Quality 3.5 mm stroke length
  • The package does not include practice skins

6. Wormhole

Wormhole is among the recent players which have secured a position among the best tattoo machine brands reviews. The brand focuses on making safe, convenient, and reliable tools that are ideal for practice and professional use. 

Even better, Wormhole produces many tattoo products, making it easy for you to find suitable replacements for various accessories.


The wormhole is a famous tattoo machine brand that was founded by Wu Jian in 2016. Jian is an experienced tattoo artist who understood the shortcomings of the tattoo machines on the market.

As such, Jian set to produce a safe tattoo machine which allowed for a comfortable experience. The feedback from various clients is evidence that Jian managed his target. 


Wormhole ranks among few brands which provide lightweight, quality machines with a quality build. Wormhole kits’ customers review them as quality options that contain all the necessary tools to get you going.

Wormhole tools are also easy to use and cost a fraction of their counterparts with similar specifications. 


 Some of the notable Wormhole tattoo machines include:

6.1 Wormhole SL-TK34 Complete Tattoo Kit

The Wormhole tattoo kit is among the recent models which have earned a reputation among the best tattoo machines.

This success is majorly attributed to the wide range of quality accessories that come at an affordable price.

The SL-TK34 machine comes with

  • Tattoo ink
  • 30 tattoo needles and cartridges
  • Jack
  • Disposable gloves
  • Practice skin
  • Transfer paper
  • 3 Allen keys
  • A rotary and coil tattoo machine
  • Power supplies
  • Ink cups
  • Installation instruction
  • One true black dye


The Wormhole complete kit includes two coil machines that are used for shading and lining. Unlike other sets, this kit contains ten plant pigments that are safe on the skin and last long without fading.

However, it is crucial to practice on the fake skin before use on human skin as it has a powerful stroke. Controlling the machines is also a fair task that requires you to adjust the contact screw.

  • Features a wide range of accessories
  • The package includes quality plant pigments
  • It contains all essential accessories to get you started
  • It comes with a setup manual
  • Heavier than rotary tattoo machines

7. Mast Tour

The Mast Tour is among the best tattoo machine brands that offer quality service and feature an appealing build.

The Mast Tour rotary tattoo machine provides a variety of features that allow for comfortable shading and lining.

Unlike its counterparts, the Mast Tour machine resembles a writing pen’s shape and weight, thus giving you maximum control over your designs.

The machine is backed with quality customer service and a warranty that protects you from losses associated with manufacturing costs. 


Some of the noteworthy Mast Tour products include:

7.1 Mast Tour MT-366 Rotary Tattoo Machine

The Mast Tour MT-366 machine is a best-selling rotary tattoo machine on multiple platforms. Unlike its counterparts, the set includes two batteries that are inbuilt into the pen.

This provides a pen-like feeling and thus offers flexibility over your designs.

The MT-366 rotary tattoo machine comes with

  • 20 needle groupings
  • Two power cords
  • the MT-366 machine
  • Two batteries
  • Disposable gloves


The Mast Tour rotary machine is among our favourite rotary tattoo pens. Mast Tour pens feature a unique mechanism for precise soft hits, which make for a painless experience.

The mechanism also makes for smooth designs on varying skin types, thus resulting in more consistent designs.

Another notable feature of the Mast MT-366 machine is the battery, which provides a 6-hour runtime.

Since the set features two batteries, it gives a days’ worth of power, thus sustaining long projects. 

  • Lightweight
  • Cordless usage
  • 6-hour battery life
  • Quality grip
  • Easy assembly
  • Provides a quality 3.5 mm stroke
  • Set doesn’t include transfer papers

7.2 Mast Tour Super Rotary Machine

Cordless rotary machines are great for flexibility over your designs. Among various models, the Mast super rotary machine provides the best specs for quality service. 


  • Mast super rotary machine
  • A charging USB cable
  • One 1200mAh battery


The machine features a 35mm grip which allows for comfortable use without straining your fingers. Additionally, the machine has a 6-hour runtime after a three-hour charging session. Unlike the previous set, however, the Mast Super features a single battery. 

Even better, the machine weighs 82g which is lighter than many sets on the market. As such, the Mast only requires you to master the skill of floating the tattoo needle for an ideal depth.

The pen also provides an adjustable needle depth of up to 4mm, suitable for many skin types.  

  • Lightweight
  • Budget-friendly
  • Larger 4mm needle depth
  • Cordless operation
  • Quality 1200mAh battery
  • The package only includes a single battery

8. Atomus

Atomus is a relatively new player that has managed to garner positive reviews among the best tattoo machine brands. The company focuses on producing tattoo and makeup kits at an affordable cost, thus allowing artists to master their skills.

Atomus also ranks among the few brands with quality customer care service, which helps you find solutions to challenges when using their products. Atomus also produces a variety of accessories, which ensures the easy acquisition of replacements. 

8.1 Atomus Cartridge Rotary Machine

The Atomus rotary tattoo machine is a great option that offers precise voltage output control. Unlike its counterparts, the Atomus pen-style machine is corded and includes a foot pedal and power supply unit. 

This allows for a consistent energy flow, allowing you to execute your designs to the last point. 

The Atomus rotary tattoo machine comes with

  • Pen
  • 20 needle groupings
  • A foot pedal
  • One power supply unit


Overall, the Atomus tattoo machine kit is a go-to option for professional artists looking for an affordable, quality pen. The set is built with a light material that allows for more flexibility and enables you to handle more comprehensive designs.

Unlike battery options, this set connects directly to the power source and works for as long as you need. The set also features quality 316L needles, which provide a hard stroke and allow for faster coloring.

Another benefit of the set is its ease of use, making it an excellent option for both professional and entry-level artists. 

  • Lightweight
  • Budget-friendly
  • Features quality accessories
  • Less flexible than wireless rotary pens

8.2 Atomus Rotary Tattoo Machine

Like the former, this pen from Atomus strikes a unique balance between form and function.

The pen-style machine is designed from a high-quality zinc alloy which provides durable, lightweight performance.


  • Atomus pen
  • Power supply unit
  • RCA cable


Although this set comes with a cable for using power directly from the supply unit, you can opt to purchase a battery and use it as a wireless pen.

The pen is also compatible with a wide range of cartridges, making it easy to find suitable replacements.

The performance of this pen-style gun is also more significant than that of many pens. Unlike its rivals, the pen offers a decent 3.5 mm depth, making it an excellent makeup application and lining option.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable zinc body
  • Compatible with a wide range of cartridges
  • It doesn’t include a battery

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best brand of tattoo machine?

Dragonhawk is the most popular brand for professional and entry-level tattoo artists. Besides their quality build, Dragonhawk machines cost an affordable price and are easy to use.

Dragonhawk is also reputed for their great customer support which ensures that any manufacturing faults are attended to on priority. 

What tattoo machines do professionals use?

Dragonhawk is a popular name to which many tattoo artists are attributed. The representative Gabe Shum stands behind the brand and has created many designs using Dragonhawk kits. 

What is the best tattoo starter kit to buy?

Solong is a quality starter tattoo kit as it provides all essential elements to get you started.

Additionally, Solong kits come at an affordable price thus do not impose a substantial financial burden on starter-level artists. 

Types of Tattoo Machines

Tattoo machines differ mainly depending on their mode of operation. Among these types, a coil machine is the earliest and most popular among various types of tattoo machines. 

Coil tattoo machines work by electromagnetism. The wrapped coils create an electromagnetic current that moves the bar upwards. When the bar touches the contact screws, it loses the current and falls. 

On the other hand, rotary machines are powered by an electric motor that moves the needle in a smooth cyclical pattern.

Unlike coil tattoo machines, a rotary tattoo machine is more silent and allows for longer durations of comfortable use.  

Final Verdict

Investing in the best tattoo machine is not a matter of picking the set you first set your eyes on. The tattoo machine brands covered in this set help narrow your choices, allowing you to consider options worth your time. 

Among the best tattoo machine brands, Solong ranks as the best tattoo kit for beginners. This is because it provides a variety of accessories that allow for practice. Dragonhawk ranks the best budget tattoo machine to provide quality sets that rival costlier options on the market. 

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