Do you spend quality time in the shower, or is it just a routine? If it’s all about habit and necessity, your showerhead might be playing a role in this.

For instance, take adjustable height showerheads. They are flexible and can be customized to any height, making them suitable for both tall and short people.


Besides, they have different water settings that can moisturize your skin, relieve aching muscles, or provide a sensational rain spray.

The main question is, how to choose the best height adjustable shower head?

We did a detailed research on the same and have picked the top rated adjustable height showers heads for you.

15 Best Height Adjustable Shower Heads

Best Height Adjustable Shower Heads Reviews

1. Waterpik Adjustable Height Shower Head (VSS-563MT)

Are you ready to revolutionize your shower time? Look no more than the Waterpik adjustable height showerhead.

Waterpik Adjustable Height Shower Head
346 Reviews
Waterpik Adjustable Height Shower Head

  • No drilling-No screws.
  • % luxury spray modes.
  • Adjustable height magnetic slide.

Polished with an appealing chrome finish, this showerhead has sturdy yet luxurious spray modes to choose from. With a 5-foot ultra-flexible hose, you can set the handheld 4″ diameter showerhead for power spray, full-body, or pulsating massage spray mode.

The Waterpik showerhead is adjustable, thanks to the magnetic bracket that can be pulled up and down to customize the height. The maximum height that can be achieved on this rust-resistant slide bar is 18″.

Besides that, installing the VSS-563MT only takes a few minutes since no drilling is required. Provided in the package are firm adhesive pads that will hold the shower strip in place.

  • It is made of rust-resistant materials
  • Has an 18″ adjustable magnetic bracket
  • It consists of 5 luxurious spray modes
  • No drilling is required
  • It is designed to last for years
  • The 18″ height can be low for tall people
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2. Lordear Hand Held Combo Showerheads

The Lordear Hand Held Combo showerhead is a unique, fashionable, and elegant adjustable showerhead. It comprises of two distinct showerheads; a handheld and a fixed showerhead.

Lordear Hand Held Combo Showerheads
520 Reviews
Lordear Hand Held Combo Showerheads

  • Set of two showerheads
  • 5 functions shower
  • Chrome finish

Both showerheads measure 5″ in diameter and can be used together or separately. Either way, they offer high-pressure water release from the 60inch stainless hose that does not kink.

This combo showerhead has 5 shower settings that consist of massage, spray and massage, bubbles, spray, and spray and bubbles.

The best part is that these flexible showerheads are ideal for both tall and average height people. The 23.6″ adjustable, magnetic slide bar makes it easy to slide the shower up and down to a convenient height.

  • Made of stainless steel ABS material with an elegant Chrome finish
  • It consists of two showerheads that can be used together or separately
  • You can select your preferred shower mode from the 5 functions
  • It consists of two showerheads that can be used together or separately
  • Easy installation
  • Suction cup does not form a tight suction
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3. PULSE ShowerSpas 1011-III-CH Kauai III Shower Heads

The PULSE ShowerSpas Kauai III is another high quality and well-designed adjustable showerhead that you should consider.

PULSE ShowerSpas 1011-III-CH Kauai III Shower Heads
1,856 Reviews
PULSE ShowerSpas 1011-III-CH Kauai III Shower Heads

  • 8” rain showerhead.
  • 5-function hand shower.
  • Chrome finish.

The product has garnered numerous positive review online, which has seen it being awarded the Amazon’s choice badge. But what makes it so special?

To begin with, the showerhead has five functions to choose from for a relaxing bath. You can opt for massage, jet, wide and massage or wide and jet.

With the 59″ double-interlocking hose, you will literally enjoy taking a hot bath calming your nerves and relaxing your body after a hectic day.

When it comes to quality, the adjustable slide bar is made of brass to guarantee its longevity. Apart from that, the showerheads are made of polished chrome, which makes it easy to clean off any mineral build-up.

But that’s not all, the Kauai III showerheads are also very easy to fix even in old models. You only need a connection to the water supply, then choose the cold or hot shower valve since the product is pre-plumbed. You can do all this without any hassle or drilling.

  • It’s completely pre-plumbed making it easy to set up
  • There is no drilling required
  • It includes five shower settings
  • The 59″ stainless steel hose is adjustable to different heights and angles
  • Easy to clean
  • The control discs limit the amount of shower water
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4. Moen 3669EP Eco-Performance Handheld Shower Head

Made with exceptional beauty, the Moen 3669EP Eco-Performance Handheld is versatile and is engineered to meet your daily shower needs.

Moen 3669EP Eco-Performance Handheld Shower Head
829 Reviews
Moen 3669EP Eco-Performance Handheld Shower Head

  • Adjustable Water Flow
  • 4-Spray Modes
  • Highly Reflective Chrome Finish

The Moen 3669EP works with any bathroom décor, thanks to its chrome finish, which is extremely reflective.

Apart from the chrome color, you can opt for nickel finish or bronze finish as they are equally sleek.

Along with that, this Eco Performance adjustable shower head is perfect for disabled people. It has met specifications from Americans with Disability Act (ADA).

It has also complied with standards from Water Sense in regards to water efficiency and conservation.

This handheld shower delivers 2.0 gallons of water per minute from its 4″ diameter head. Its slide bar can be adjusted up to 30″ to accommodate both adults and kids.

The showerhead comes with 4 spray modes that include full spray, vigorous spray, combination spray, or targeted massage.

  • The highly reflective chrome finish blends well with any bathroom
  • The slide bar allows you to adjust its height
  • It meets Water Sense Standards as well as ADA specifications
  • Features four spray modes
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty that covers against drips, leaks and finish defects
  • The showerheads are not entirely metal. The wall brackets are made of plastic.
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5. Speakman VS-3311 Alexandria Anystream Handheld Shower Head

Are you looking for a height adjustable showerhead that combines style and practicality? The Speakman VS-3311 Alexandria Anystream Handheld Shower system is what you need. Do you want to know what made us include it in this list?

Speakman VS-3311-Alexandria-Anystream-Handheld Shower-Head
4 Reviews
Speakman VS-3311-Alexandria-Anystream-Handheld Shower-Head

  • 360 Degree spray adjusting faceplate
  • 60-inch metal shower hose
  • Highly reflective chrome finish

For starters, the VS-3311 showerhead features 360-degree faceplate technology where the user has the freedom to switch from therapeutic massage shower to full flood shower or both.

Moreover, it comes with an adjustable 22″ slide bar where you can customize the handheld height by moving it up and down.

Along with that, the VS-3311 includes a 60″ durable, metal hose that features a vacuum breaker.

The finish on the Speakman Alexandria Anystream is polished chrome that radiates elegance in your bathroom.

The slide bar, handheld shower and the showerhead are all made of durable materials and are compatible with US plumbing.

  • Stylish look that augments with your bathroom décor
  • The 360 degree spray adjusting faceplate gives a full-flood needling spray
  • Includes a 22″ slide bar and 6″ durable hose
  • It utilizes 8 patents per shower engine for maximum efficiency
  • Can be used by everyone in the household regardless of height thanks to the adjustable slide bar
  • None found. Works perfectly
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6. Delta Faucet Chrome 57530 Handheld Shower

The Delta Faucet Chrome 57530 bridges the gap between style and durability. Featuring a minimalistic design, this intensely powerful bathroom faucet features a chrome plated finish with a modern touch.

Delta Faucet Chrome 57530 Handheld Shower
392 Reviews
Delta Faucet Chrome 57530 Handheld Shower

  • Sleek in appearance
  • Intensely powerful
  • Chrome Finish

The faucet comes with a 4-spray setting that allows you to customize your shower experience.

For maximum relaxation, you can adjust the faucet to the H2OKinetic spray setting. This setting allows you to achieve a deep and massaging cleanse on your body.

Apart from the kinetic spray setting, there’s the kinetic droplets and pause setting. With this setting, you can pause the water from falling to shave or lather then restart once you are done. The pause setting maintains the water temperature for added convenience.

Cleaning is also super easy. A finger is all you need to wipe off any calcium and lime build-up from the spray holes. You no longer have to invest in chemical cleaners to get the dirt out.

  • Stylish look with a minimalistic design
  • The finishing on this handheld shower shows no signs of tarnishing, corrosion, and discoloration even after a long period of time
  • Has four settings that deliver relaxation, massage, and relief to aching muscles
  • Includes a stretchable metal hose
  • The spray holes are easy to clean with a finger
  • Unfortunately, the wall elbow is not included in the package and has to be purchased separately
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7. KES Slide Bar with Handheld Shower Head

Since 1996, KES has made it a top priority to deliver quality and innovative bathroom solutions. As such, the brand has gained popularity in Asia, Europe, and North America.

It’s therefore, not surprising that the KES Slide bar is one of the best adjustable height showerhead in the market today.

KES Slide Bar with Handheld Shower Head
693 Reviews
KES Slide Bar with Handheld Shower Head

  • Sleek in Appearance
  • Made from Stainless Steel
  • 5-Function Hand Shower Head

To begin with, the shower head comes with a stainless steel and rustproof sliding bar to ensure that it lasts even after several years of use. The bar holding the shower head is also engineered to be extra thick to make it resistant to bending or any other form of damage.

Along with that, this handheld showerhead has 5 function settings that include: drip, rainfall, shower, power massage, and gentle bubble.

With the drip function, you get to stop the running water for a while. In turn, you save on water while the temperature remains constant. This feature helps you lather and shave in peace.

For a better shower experience, the KES slide bar includes a 1.5 meters long stainless steel hose that covers your body well. Besides, this hose features a double-interlock, which is spiral to achieve maximum length.

A unique feature about this showerhead is that you can choose to mount it or glue it on the wall. Either way, a glue pack, and a hardware pack are included in the package, and there is a detailed pictogram on how to go about it.

  • The sliding bar is made of durable, stainless steel
  • The showerhead consists of 5 settings including drip that stops water from running as you perform other tasks
  • Can be mounted or glued to the bathroom wall
  • The shower bracket is adjustable hence convenient for both adults and kids
  • It comes with a stretchable shower hose
  • The detailed guide only features pictograms and lacks explanations
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8. Bright Showers Stainless Steel Showerhead

For the last 15 years, Bright Showers has seen to it that the quality of your bathroom shower heads match the amount you paid. The Bright Showers Stainless steel showerhead is no exception.

Bright Showers Stainless Steel Showerhead
693 Reviews
Bright Showers Stainless Steel Showerhead

  • Adjustable height shower head.
  • Brushed Nickel finishing.
  • Patented relaxing massage spray setting.

Polished with a nickel finish, the showerhead is easy to clean and is an added piece of decoration to your bathroom. It also has ABS plastic that is sturdy, and when combined with nickel, the product becomes more durable.

Also, the Bright Showers showerhead has a removable and adjustable shower arm that helps you adjust the height to suit your needs.

The adjustable grab bar measures 23″ and can hold up to 500lbs. This coupled with a 5-foot hose, makes it suitable for both adults and kids.

Additionally, the showerhead has met ADA specifications and can be used by people with disabilities or the elderly.

The stainless steel shower head features two settings – rain and massage. The massage setting is known for the immense relaxation it offers.

  • Great for disabled and elderly people
  • The nickel finish is rust-resistant and durable
  • Features rain and massage settings for a relaxed shower
  • The grab rail can hold up to 500lbs
  • It comes with 5-feet stainless steel hose
  • The showerheads lack a drip button, so one cannot pause the unit.
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9. Bright Showers Rain Shower Heads Systems

Bring home the sound of the raindrops to your bathroom with the Bright Showers Rain Showers Heads Systems.

Bright Showers Rain Shower Heads Systems
850 Reviews
Bright Showers Rain Shower Heads Systems

  • Adjustable height handheld shower
  • ABS plastic showerheads
  • Solid Brass Engineering

This product features a shower head and a hand held shower. The shower head comes with a 9″ shower head that is both adjustable and can tilt at an angle for a better bathing experience.

The handheld shower, on the other hand, has three shower settings making it a great choice to use with kids and pets.

Furthermore, this adjustable height shower head is engineered to last. It is made of sturdy ABS plastic on the shower heads while the bar rail is made of solid brass.

The 60″ hose is no different as it is stainless steel and made of nickel. The showerhead restrictors too are made of stainless steel and are prone to high pressure.

Installation is easy and quick as you can use the current wall plumbing.

  • Quick and easy 30 minutes installation
  • Made of sturdy, durable materials
  • Features a flexible 60″ hose that can also be used with pets
  • You can use the showerhead and the handheld shower together
  • Rust free and easy to clean
  • None
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10. Ana Bath Dual Shower Head

Create a drenching shower experience with the Ana Bath Dual Shower Head. Committed to delivering quality, fashionable, and functional products for the past 20 years, this dual shower head will transform your shower time.

Ana Bath Dual Shower Head
2,989 Reviews
Ana Bath Dual Shower Head

  • Anti Clog Nozzles
  • 5-Function Showerhead
  • Modern Design

Choose one of the five settings to customize your shower needs. From rain spray to mist pray or massage spray to bubbling spray, create new shower experiences with the 5″ diameter showerhead.

There is a ball joint to help you switch between the settings to achieve your preferred setting.

These settings can be delivered through the 60″ hose that is not only flexible but also durable.

This shower hose is made from stainless steel and does not tangle, making it perfect for use with kids and pets. It also consists of metal fittings for longevity.

Moreover, the Ana Bath Dual Shower Head has anti-clog nozzles that help remove any lime, calcium, and mineral build-up.

For easy cleaning, open the tap, direct the water towards the nozzle and remove the minerals.

  • The showerhead needs no plumbing
  • The 60″ hose is tangle-free making it ideal for kids and pets
  • It features anti-clog nozzles for easy cleaning
  • One can use the showerhead together with the handheld shower
  • 5-Functions for different shower experiences
  • None found
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11. Delta Faucet Shower Head

Delta Faucet believes that water contains magic and power to transform and uplift your feelings each day.

Based on this belief, the company has taken upon itself to deliver simple yet innovative water solutions, and the Delta Faucet shower head is one of these quality innovations.

Delta Faucet Shower Head
846 Reviews
Delta Faucet Shower Head

  • 9 Spray Options
  • Massaging Jets
  • Very Powerful

Unlike other adjustable showerheads, the Delta Faucet showerhead has nine spray settings.

You have the option to choose between: full body spray with or without massage, drenching spray with or without massage; shampoo spray with or without massage, fast massage spray; full soft spray, and pause.

The massaging setting helps relieve tired and sore muscles while the full-body spray setting releases intense and powerful jets of water.

To keep this showerhead clean, all you need is your finger to wipe away calcium and lime off the spray holes.

Having complied with ADA specifications, this showerhead is ideal for the elderly and people with disabilities. What’s more, with the 60-82″ hose, you can easily cover your body without a second thought.

  • Comes with a lifetime-limited-warranty
  • The slide bar can hold up to 500lbs
  • It is equipped with nine spray settings
  • One can use the showerhead together with the handheld shower
  • The spray holes are easy to clean
  • The package does not include a wall elbow.
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12. Homelody Retrofit Shower System

You no longer need a plumber to install your shower system. With the Homelody Retrofit Shower system, you can install it yourself to save time and money.

Homelody Retrofit Shower System
51 Reviews
Homelody Retrofit Shower System

  • 9 Spray Options
  • Massaging Jets
  • Even and powerful output

This retrofit shower system will fit into your bathroom without the need of a remodel. It consists of high-quality SUS304, corrosion-resistant showerhead as well as a handheld showerhead.

The showerhead has a 90 degree rotation that switches the water settings. High-pressure jet emission moisturizes the skin, boosts your mood, and rinses off any harmful sticky substances that may be on your skin.

The quality of this design is durable and will withstand the test of time. The showerhead is made of brass but polished with nickel for an appealing finish.

Besides, for healthy living, the Homelody shower system features high-quality brass that kills any bacteria in water.

This shower system can be used by people with different heights as it has an adjustable brass slide and a 70″ retractable, stainless steel hose.

  • Made of quality brass materials and nickel finish
  • Easy DIY installation and can fit on existing shower
  • Features anti-scalding design
  • Switch between the spray settings with 90 degree rotation
  • The high-quality brass helps kill bacteria found in the water
  • The shower system lacks a hot/cold mixing setting
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13. Hotel Spa Station Shower Head

Have you ever considered showering with a 48 setting shower head? If you haven’t, the Hotel Spa Station Shower Head includes 48 different water settings making shower time the best time of the day.

Hotel Spa Station Shower Head
119 Reviews
Hotel Spa Station Shower Head

  • 48- Setting Showerhead
  • Easy Tool-Free Connection
  • Lifetime Warranty

This adjustable combo height shower head has a 34″ slide bar that moves up and down to suit different heights.

It is reinforced with a 5 foot heavy-duty steel hose that makes it easy to clean important parts of the body.

This handheld shower can be tilted at any angle for maximum convenience as it includes a 3 way water diverter.

There are six water settings to choose from that include rain massage, pulsating massage, rain mist, power mist, power rain, and water-saving mode.

It is important to note that one can use both the showerhead and handheld shower together.

  • Modern design in all chrome finish
  • Easy tool free connection; no plumber needed
  • Features a 34″ adjustable stainless steel slide bar
  • It has 48 different water settings
  • It includes a water-saving mode where you can stop water from flowing as you shave or lather
  • Might have to call a plumber for setting up the shower
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14. Gotonovo Shower Fixture

Gotonoco Company is all about producing classic and improved home products that are affordable without compromising quality. 

This is why the Gotonovo Shower Fixture displays both classy as well as vintage standards.

Gotonovo Shower Fixture
2,270 Reviews
Gotonovo Shower Fixture

  • Gold Shower Mixer
  • Polish Gold Finish
  • 8-inch showehead

The shower is made of brass but polished with gold for a unique finish. The gold finish is not only scratch-resistant but also has minimal chances of discoloration.

On the other hand, the brass construction is of high quality and durable for more dependability.

The Gotonovo shower fixture is equipped with two shower heads, the overhead and handheld shower.

The included sidebar is adjustable to 31.4″ – 47″ length. In addition, the attached hose is 59″ long, thus making the product ideal for both tall and short people.

  • The gold finish displays a vintage yet unique décor
  • The shower features cross knobs and holders to switch between water settings
  • The adjustable slide bar and long hose make the showerhead convenient for both adults and kids
  • It backed by Gotonovo’s Faucet Warranty so you can install with confidence
  • High quality brass construction for extra durability
  • The overhead and showerhead do no work simultaneously
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15. Egret Shower Handheld Showerhead and Rain Shower Combo Spa

Create a natural spa at home with the Egret Shower Combo Spa. It lets you feel relaxed and refreshed once you step in.

Egret Shower Handheld Showerhead and Rain Shower Combo Spa
2,082 Reviews
Egret Shower Handheld Showerhead and Rain Shower Combo Spa

  • Anti-Clogging Nozzles
  • 5-Funtion Showerhead
  • Tool-free Connection

There are five water settings on this combo spa that include: rain, rain and massage; massage; rain and bubbling massage, and bubbling massage.

The bubbling massage is ideal for kids as it contains air bubbles that are soft on baby’s delicate skin.

Besides, the massage spray is the best water setting for relieving fatigue as it soothes sore and tired muscles.

Furthermore, the showerhead has self-cleaning nozzles that are lime and calcium-resistant. This makes it easy to wash any mineral build-up with water.

If you are concerned about fixing this combo spa, worry less as no plumbing is required. Included in the package is a detailed manual that will help you through the 5 minute installation process.

  • It features a 60″ adjustable, flexible hose
  • It includes 5 water settings and is suitable for kids and adults
  • Easy 5 minute installation that needs no plumbing
  • The nickel finish is beautiful and stylish
  • 5-year free replacement
  • Doesn’t stick to the shower wall. It needs adaptor.
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Best Adjustable Shower Heads – Buying Guide

Spray patterns

Spray patterns vary with every type of showerhead. It can have rain, full spray, massage, rain and massage, bubbling spray, bubbling and massage, mist, and the water-saving mode.

When looking for an ideal height-adjustable showerhead, go for one which has 4or more water settings since it will have a better shower experience.


Adjustable showerheads are available in different designs. You can choose the dual/combo where you can use two different shower heads simultaneously or the adjustable-height shower where you can customize the height of the shower as well as angle.

Alternatively, you can pick handheld showers that come with a 5foot or more hose for more shower possibilities.


Water contains lime, calcium, and other minerals that build-up and wear steel in time. It is, therefore, crucial that you check whether a shower head is made of rust-resistant or corrosion-resistant materials. You can also check for super-cleaning nozzles that enable you to wipe the mineral build-up easily.


Before clicking the purchase button, it is important to understand whether the adjustable height shower head of your choice needs a plumber to fix it, or you can do it yourself. Most showerheads are easy to mount, and they even fit on the current shower without the need to drill through walls.

Wrapping up

Gone are the days when taking a shower was a habit. With adjustable height shower heads, transform your bathroom into a spa and relax as the water drops fall on your skin.

With the convenience of the adjustable handheld shower or sliding bar, your family no longer has to argue about the height of the shower.

We recommend the Delta Faucet shower head as it offers you 9 different water settings to choose from. Besides, it saves on water as you can stop water from flowing as you lather and restart with the same temperature.

Additionally, you can look into PULSE ShowerSpas Kauai III, which has received plenty of positive reviews from consumers. Not only it is stylish, but it also includes five water settings that will help create new bathroom experiences.

It is time to revolutionalize your bathroom for better shower experiences with adjustable height shower heads!

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Height Adjustable Shower Heads Reviews
  • Waterpik Adjustable Height Shower Head
  • Lordear Hand Held Combo Showerheads
  • PULSE ShowerSpas 1011-III-CH Kauai III Shower Heads
  • Moen 3669EP Eco-Performance Handheld Shower Head
  • Speakman VS-3311 Alexandria Anystream Handheld Shower Head
  • Delta Faucet Chrome 57530 Handheld Shower
  • KES Slide Bar with Handheld Shower Head
  • Bright Showers Stainless Steel Showerhead
  • Bright Showers Rain Shower Heads Systems
  • Ana Bath Dual Shower Head
  • Delta Faucet Shower Head
  • Homelody Retrofit Shower System
  • Hotel Spa Station Shower Head
  • Gotonovo Shower Fixture
  • Egret Shower Handheld Showerhead and Rain Shower Combo Spa


A good shower energises your body to its core so that you spend a great and fresh day ahead. In this post, we have jotted the best height adjustable shower heads.

These shower heads are adjustable and thus can be used by short and tall people. Some of these shower heads even support elderly and disabled people.


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