There comes a time in a parent’s life when investing in one of the best kids kitchen sets is a must. Children learn by imitating adult behavior, and whether it’s a boy or girl, your little one will undoubtedly want to play mom and dad sooner or later.

And how could your child cook some pretend food to a pretend baby without owning the most outstanding pretend kitchen out there?

Picking the right one may seem easy, but the decision is tough. Should you get wood or plastic? With or without accessories? And what size?

If you now have more of a migraine than answers, know that we’ve already done the hard work; we selected the top-rated kid’s kitchen sets on the market and ranked them for you. Check out our top picks below.

Features To Look For in Kids Kitchen Sets

Before delving right into the matter, you should know what makes the difference between the best kitchen set for kids and one that’s just meh.

  • Material – Kids kitchen sets are made of either wood or plastic. We truly like the former for its sturdiness, durability, and lack of harmful chemicals. Plastic is also a great choice, but make sure it’s BPA-free. You should also avoid keeping the toy in direct sun, as it may become brittle.
  • Size – Toy kitchen sets come in various sizes that can suit tots, preschoolers, or even bigger kids. You shouldn’t buy a big kitchen just because your child will grow. If she’s not tall enough to enjoy all the features of the model you like, you should either downsize or wait until your kid gets bigger.
  • Accessories – Some sets come with kitchen appliances and cabinets alone. Others come with a handful of items. Some manufacturers even equip their sets with all imaginable accessories, from pots and pans to pets. If you already have most kitchen accessories from an old toy or older sibling, a kitchen without them will come cheaper. If this is the first kitchen set for your kid, do things right and buy one with all the accessories your kid might need.
  • Assembly – Getting down to the painful bits, you will probably have to assemble the kitchen yourself. We know you probably won’t be able to say no to a model your kid might like, but know that some manufacturers have built their toys with your sanity in mind, and they are quite easy to install. Then, there are those models that will take forever to assemble, and that will easily get on both your and your kid’s nerves.

Now that you’re fully aware of what to look for in a kids’ kitchen check out the most awe-inspiring models.

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Best Kids Kitchen Sets and Play Kitchen – Detailed Reviews

Well, it’s time to uncover some facts to show you all the features and credibilities the listed kitchen sets have.

Make sure to go with a color option that your kid would like.

1. Step2 Grand Walk-in Wooden Play Kitchen

The Step2 Grand Walk-in Wooden Play Kitchen is our favorite kid’s kitchen set. It mimics a real kitchen with striking accuracy and will undoubtedly unleash your little chef’s imagination. This luxurious composition comes with all needed to play in style.

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Its premium countertop comprises a stylish induction stove with red led lights and oversized knobs that look just like the real deal.

A sink with faucet, a wealth of cabinets, and even cookbook shelves enhance all-around fun. The look-through refrigerator is another highlight of this junior kitchen that fits wonderfully into a bigger kid’s bedroom or indoor playground area.


Early-morning risers will even get a chance to prepare and serve a delicious ‘breakfast’ on the extended bar.

The kitchen is made from quality wood painted in blush blue. It’s perfect for both boys and girls over three years old and includes a 15-piece kitchen accessories set. A thing we like less is the poor customer support in case of issues. If you have minimal handyman skills and don’t mind unresponsiveness, this is a gorgeous kids play kitchen to consider.

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2. Kidkraft Retro Kitchen and Refrigerator

The Kidkraft Retro Kitchen and Refrigerator is a splendid kitchen set for girls with a smaller room. It might be compact, but it’s still stylish. It’s also a bit on the expensive side given its size.

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Now, we know you won’t mind dropping some bucks for your sweetheart’s happiness, and we also know she’ll like the kitchen’s modular design.

It comprises a central unit with stovetop, oven, storage cabinets, and even a sink with faucet and dishwasher. The other component is a stylish refrigerator. Due to the two-piece design, this versatile set adapts to endless layout requirements.

Working knobs on oven and sink are designed to enhance playtime. The sink is also removable for easier cleanup whenever needed.

Inspired by vintage style, the kitchen boasts a blush pink finish. It’s made from robust composite wood, and we like that it’s realistic. Just know that it will smell horrible at first, but the odor dissipates quickly. The kitchen comes with no accessories, but luckily, the manufacturer sells them separately.

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3. KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen

Another KidKraft kitchen that has made it to our list of the best kids kitchen sets is the Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen.

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It’s more of a kitchen set for a girl than for a boy; despite the color choice though, it comes with all accessories you’d expect to find in a real kitchen. The innovative corner design and carefully selected details enhance this unit’s versatility.

We like the space-saving corner sink and faucet design that saves a lot of room on the countertop. Stylish appliances include a stove and oven, microwave, fridge, and even a washing machine.

Four useful accessories add value for money, and your kid will also have loads of fun while drawing on the included chalkboard.

This deluxe kitchen comes with detailed assembly instructions. It’s not quite a breeze to put together, but once you nail it, we guarantee that the aspiring chef in your life will just love it.

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4. KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen with Lights & Sounds

This kitchen has a contemporary, unisex design and superb finishing. It’s a great gift for both boys and girls and will turn into a splendid focal point in the nursery. The larger size makes it perfect for siblings, as there is enough room for two kids to play at the same time.

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What makes this kitchen set stand out is the integration of lights and sounds that deliver a real kitchen-like feel.

All elements are functional and designed to provide a fun playtime to the little ones. All appliances come with doors that open and close, while the stovetop burners and the icemaker have realistic lights and sounds.

Convenient storage space below the sink provides the perfect place for pots and pans. This set doesn’t include them, but the manufacturer is renowned for making some of the best play kitchen accessories.

The toy is made from composite wood, heavyweight enough to withstand even the most enthusiastic kids without falling. Your kids will even be able to choose from a white or dark wood finish the one that looks best in their room.

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5. Naomi Kids Gourmet Kitchen Set Espresso

The Naomi Kids Gourmet is ideal for all aspiring chefs over three years old. It boasts a stylish design inspired by the French haute cuisines and will make little ones feel like adults when playing with this realistic kitchen.

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It’s small, but packs all needed for endless hours of fun, except for the accessories. A stovetop with four realistic burners, all essential kitchen appliances, and even a sink with faux faucet can enhance playtime.

A thing that misses is a storage cabinet for the accessories you will unavoidably buy sooner or later. It only has a small shelf that it’s too tiny to fit kids’ kitchen pots, pans, or tableware.

To make it up for this flaw, the freezer comes with a chalkboard where the chef can write down the recipe or the menu.

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6. KidKraft Vintage Kitchen in Blue

The KidKraft Vintage Kitchen boasts a similar design with its Retro sister but comes with a few important differences that can make or break the deal, depending on your preferences.

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Vintage doesn’t have a modular design; it’s a linear kitchen comprising all modern appliances. A detail we really like is that all elements comply with the vintage design. The round sink is our favorite, but we also like the stylish stovetop and oven.

This kitchen also has a stylish, vintage phone placed on the side of the fridge. Sturdy legs respect the theme and enhance balance, ensuring that the toy will stay in place regardless of what strikes it.

Furthermore, the beautiful fridge with dispenser can even accommodate a toy cup for a more realistic experience.

The Vintage kitchen comes in blue or pink and is suitable for kids over 3 years old. It’s fairly easy to assemble, and even incorporates a convenient storage space below the sink for some accessories.

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7. Melissa & Doug Wooden Chef’s Pretend Play Toy Kitchen

Another of our favorite kitchen toys for kids is this one from Melissa & Doug. This wooden kitchen comes complete of all appliances, including a modern refrigerator with ice dispenser, freezer, and ample storage area.

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The manufacturer is renowned for its innovative wooden toys, and this kitchen set doesn’t disappoint. Its ice dispenser really dispenses two ‘ice’ cubes. Other perks include a grocery list, doors that open, and movable hooks.


This set makes a great gift for kids over 3 years. It is fairly easy to assemble and has enough space to hold pretend food collections, play pantry products, and kitchen accessory sets.

Two finishes also give you the possibility to match it with your child’s preference. It comes in charcoal or pink, which is a bit too pink for our taste but in the end, that’s subjective. You can also choose between the bare kitchen or a kitchen and accessory set bundle.

Solid, durable, and attractive, this stylish kitchen set brings outstanding value for money, and your kid will surely like it.

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8. Step2 Best Chef’s Toy Kitchen Playset

Who said you have to compromise on quality or your kid’s happiness if you’re shopping on a budget? The Step2 Best Chef’s Toy Kitchen Playset is one of the best kids kitchens for parents who can’t withstand high wallet damage.

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Despite being cheap, it comes with a wealth of features and accessories. The main difference between these toys and the others on our list is the material.

This kitchen is made of plastic. Obviously, the material doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and is completely BPA-free, so there is no concern about safety. We can’t say the same about durability, but this toy will still resist a few years of intense use.

Its value is in the design and accessories. The kitchen area comprises a stove and oven, countertop area, a sink with faux faucet, and even convenient under-sink storage. The burner features fun lights and cooking sounds, for a real-life feel.

Furthermore, the set also comes with 25 kitchen accessories, including pots, pans, plates and cutlery, and even a kettle.

Large enough to entertain multiple kids at a time, the kitchen promotes interactive play and even features a fun pass-through kitchen window.

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9. Peppa’s Little Kitchen Deluxe

Only a Peppa Pig enthusiast can understand the joy this kitchen will bring to your little one. It may seem small at first glance, but it’s big enough to hold a host of accessories.

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The first thing that strikes is the attention to detail. This set is downright beautiful. Rounded corners and flawless lines not only enhance its aesthetics, but it also makes it a splendid choice for younger kids, as you won’t have to worry about safety.

Compact but equipped with everything your little chef might need, the kitchen comes with a fridge, small stovetop, sink with faucet, and oven.

Despite this minimalist design, the accessories really make the difference. It comes with a frying pan that sizzles, a teakettle that whistles and even the faucet make water sounds. The set comprises a total of 18 play accessories that will take indoor fun to a whole new level. Just keep in mind that it’s quite expensive.

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10. Best Choice Products Kids Wood Kitchen

Another kids kitchen set that brings real value for money is this one by Best Choice Products. The Kids Wood Kitchen boasts a generous play area and a lovely design your little girl will love.

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It comes with two stovetops, an oven, and a microwave. Plenty of shelves and a large cabinet can hold a host of accessories, and the toy also incorporates a pretend sink and faucet that comes complete with a paper towel holder.

We truly like the wall design with a window, a detail that makes this kitchen ideal for a tree house or oversized dollhouse. The fridge misses though, and even if it’s unlikely that your kid will notice, it somehow sheds off some of its charm.

At least you’ll get three assorted kitchen utensils that match with the window frame and the oven. Furthermore, the white and pink finish will undoubtedly add a shabby chic touch to the kid’s room.

This set is recommended for kids 3 years and older and comes ready to assemble, with hardware and instructions included.

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11. Step2 Grand Walk-in Kitchen and Grill

Now, who doesn’t love a luxury kitchen? If you do, why wouldn’t your kid? Designed for aspiring chefs and grillmasters, the Step2 Grand Walk-in Kitchen and Grill combines the utility of a U-shape kitchen with the practicality of an outdoor grill – all stylishly designed to fit in your kid’s room.

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We love the rustic design of this set that reminds of a charming Spanish hacienda. It’s made of BPA-free plastic and comprises a wealth of features and accessories.


The kitchen side comes equipped with all needed appliances, while the grill side also boasts a realistic design. Multiple storage areas throughout and a stainless steel-like fridge enhance role play and boost the fun.

Kids will also like the 103-piece accessories set that comprises everything from pots and pans to pretend food.

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12. KidKraft Deluxe Big & Bright Kitchen

This Deluxe Big & Bright Kitchen by KidKraft is not as big as advertised, but it surely is bright. And deluxe too. It looks simply amazing and boasts everything your kid might need for enhancing role-play fun.

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All appliances come with doors that open and close, and some even have see-thru doors. Its lively combination of colors attracts both boys and girls, although it’s more of a girly kitchen. One of its greatest features is the removable sink that allows for quick and easy cleaning.

Accessories include a grocery list, cell phone with holder, a spatula, spoon, and pot holder.

One piece of advice is to take a good look at the picture and remember its beauty while you’re assembling this thing. We can only say that it will kill you slowly and then haunt your soul, but the priceless look on your kid’s face when she’ll see it will make it well worth the pain and effort.

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13. Step2 Fun with Friends Kids Play Kitchen

Another great value kids kitchen set that won’t make a huge hole in your budget is the Step2 Fun with Friends Kids Play Kitchen. This is a gorgeous kitchen made from BPA-free plastic. Big enough for a few tots playing together, it comes with realistic appliances that make sounds and enhance the role play.

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A host of accessories drive up the value even more. It doesn’t come with food but has a lot of pot and pans, and even a cute dog.

It even has the dog bowls incorporated in the kitchen’s design, so your kid’s new pooch will not starve.

Transuding excellent value for money, this kitchen can satisfy even the most demanding kids. As for us, adults, it’s very easy to assemble.

Since you’ll surely shop for pretend food to pair with this kitchen, know that the interior of the appliances is a bit on the smaller side.

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14. Step2 Great Gourmet Play Kitchen

This small kitchen is the Grand Gourmet’s sister, and it can get your kid accustomed to the reality of living in a tiny apartment during the future college years. It has such a realistic design that it’s impossible not to like it.

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Despite its small size, it comprises all appliances you would expect to find in a kitchen, including a fancy fridge with water dispenser.

A complete set of accessories, including pots and pans that make realistic sounds and a kettle, enhance imaginative fun. Kids will also love the chalkboard that will give them the perfect place where to unleash their creativity.

This kitchen brings outstanding value for money, it’s perfect for tots and preschoolers, and comes in three fun colors to match with the nursery or your kid’s personality.

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15. Teamson Kids Retro Wooden Play Kitchen

The last on our list of the best kids kitchen sets, this Retro kitchen from Teamson is perfect for a little girl.

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It has an attractive blush pink finish and lovely design. Made from wood, the set comprises a fridge unit and a separate stovetop and sink cabinet with oven and storage space.

Attractive details include a water dispenser on the fridge’s door and sought-after finishes. Because of its modular design, you’ll even be able to arrange it in any layout.

The set is not the easiest nor the hardest to assemble, but it comes with no accessories. Nevertheless, it has excellent quality and will surely entertain your kid for quite a long time.

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Our Top Pick

There are so many outstanding kids kitchen sets out there that picking just one is truly overwhelming. We had to make up our mind though; after intense brainstorming and after putting ourselves in kids’ shoes, we picked our winner – the Step2 Grand Walk-in Kitchen and Grill.

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We like this kitchen because it looks just like the real deal. It has a luxurious feel, it’s big enough to entertain a few kids at once, and it comes with 103 accessory set.

It’s even made of quality plastic and is built to last. Lastly, the combination of Brown, Tan and Maroon is an appropriate choice for both boys and girls. Just what you need to make all aspiring chefs happy.

Best Kids’ Kitchen Sets Review for 2020
  • Step2 Grand Walk-in Wooden Play Kitchen
  • Kidkraft Retro Kitchen and Refrigerator
  • KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen
  • KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen with Lights & Sounds
  • Naomi Kids Gourmet Kitchen Set Espresso
  • KidKraft Vintage Kitchen in Blue
  • Melissa & Doug Wooden Chef’s Pretend Play Toy Kitchen
  • Step2 Best Chef’s Toy Kitchen Playset
  • Peppa’s Little Kitchen Deluxe
  • Best Choice Products Kids Wood Kitchen
  • Step2 Grand Walk-in Kitchen and Grill
  • KidKraft Deluxe Big & Bright Kitchen
  • Step2 Fun with Friends Kids Play Kitchen
  • Step2 Great Gourmet Play Kitchen
  • Teamson Kids Retro Wooden Play Kitchen


We have covered the top rated kids kitchen sets that your kids will love to play with. Playing with an interactive kitchen set enables your kids to get a realistic experience of the activities such as washing dishes, preparing their favourite cuisine, fetching a glass of ice cold water from the water dispenser and a lot more. These kitchen sets are good for kids as young as 3 years and older.

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