Welcome to our ultimate guide for the best tattoo stencil printers currently on the market!

Rest assured, we have covered all the price ranges as well as different options that are to be found on the scene of today.

Whether you are a seasoned tattoo veteran or just a beginner, you can be sure to find the best tattoo stencil printer that will help you increase your productivity by 10X.


We have scoured the web thoroughly so we can provide you with the list of the ultimate stencil machines!

Best Tattoo Stencil Printers

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So, without further ado. Let’s jump right in!

Best Tattoo Stencil Printers & Machines

1. BMX Black Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine Thermal Copier Printer

This tattoo transfer stencil machine is a great thermal printer for non-complex shadow patterns.

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The features of this tattoo stencil machine guarantee a hassle-free performance. Last but not least, it is very easy to use and set up.

Why is it our top pick?
If you see yourself as an experienced tattoo artist, you will appreciate the tattoo transfer copier that prides itself in being very fast-working. This copier printer is no exception, and that alone justifies its place in the “Best Tattoo Stencil Machine” list.

This machine thermal is guaranteed to provide a low heat work experience. The stable performance allows for many of the transfers to be successful with very little undesired residue.

We’ve found many of the customers to be asking if there is any ink coming with this tattoo transfer stencil machine?

The answer is – no. You don’t need it, actually. This tattoo transfer copier uses heat and light to transfer ink from your printed artwork.

Final Verdict
Is this the best tattoo stencil machine for you? Well, if you don’t see yourself doing any work with complex shadowing patterns and if the price is right for your budget, that it well could be!

This tattoo printer offers a very comfortable work experience at a highly reasonable price. If you use the paper prints to imprint your artwork on a piece of transfer paper, this may just be a great piece of tattooing gear for you!

It is worth knowing that you cannot connect this machine thermal to a PC or any other device.

You need to print out the desired design first and then insert it into your thermal copier printer.

For a better transfer effect to your transfer paper, make sure your stencil machine rests in between copied sheets. It is recommended to let the tattoo transfer machine cool down after two prints.

This tattoo stencil transfer machine is compatible with transfer paper, whose dimensions are 8,5 inches x 11 inches. The voltage compatibility is anywhere between 100 and 240V.

  • One-year warranty.
  • Easy to use and set up.
  • Very fast working experience.
  • Only suitable for lines and more simple patterns.
  • Not connectible to your PC or phone.

2. Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine Thermal Copier Printer CINRA

This is a very durable thermal machine, suitable for long-term use. If you see yourself as a professional tattoo artist, you can rest assured that this tattoo stencil machine is capable of working longer hours, just like the rotary tattoo machines.

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Why is it our top pick?
The CINRA copier printer comes loaded with one thermal printer in the color black. It is also equipped with one US standard plug.

The instruction manual is very detailed and should be enough to get you familiar with the stencil machine thermal printer. However, it is worth noting that the instruction manual comes in the English language only.

Now, a stencil machine could not possibly enter the “Best tattoo stencil machine” list without having thermal transfer paper. This one is no exception since it comes with one piece of carbon paper.

The optimal voltage for this tattoo transfer copier is anywhere between 100 and 240v.

Final Verdict
This thermal machine printer guarantees fast transfer printing speed, which is a huge benefit for any tattoo artist.

The performance aspects of this tattoo transfer copier enable the low noise and low heat working experience.

However, it is worth noting that this stencil machine should be allowed to cool down after transferring one or two sheets.

In every sense, this one is worthy of the “Best Tattoo Stencil Machine” list inclusion. However, there are minor imperfections.

Namely, this thermal copier machine is not connectable to your computer or your phone.

  • High-quality build.
  • Well-equipped.
  • Easy to operate.
  • The cable is US standard only.
  • No Bluetooth connection.

3. Atomus Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine Copier Printer

The Atomus Tattoo Transfer stencil machines always deliver great value for money, and this Copier Printer is no exception!

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With this stencil machine, you can copy various designs at a fast transfer printing speed since the machine itself is very easy to operate.

Why is it our top pick?
The package comes with 1pc of tattoo transfer copier, one power supply cable, and one sheet of tattoo transfer paper.

The effective scanning width of the Atomus Tattoo Transfer stencil machine is 210 mm, and the same applies to the effective printing width.

Final Verdict
This is a great piece of tattoo equipment that comes at a fairly reasonable price. The high-performance value and the quality-price ratio truly make up for some of the less impressive feats of the Atomus Tattoo Transfer stencil machine.

As far as less impressive feats go, the main drawback is that this copier printer is not Bluetooth compatible.

To make sure that your tattoo stencil machine operates at an optimal level, be sure to take a one-minute break after two sheets of thermal paper transfer.

The optimal paper size for this thermal machine is A4 and A5.

  • The Atomus Tattoo Transfer stencil machine is great at transferring line graphs.
  • 30 day return policy.
  • Not good for patterns that feature a lot of shading.
  • The Atomus Tattoo transfer copier machine is not connectable to your PC.

4. Yilong Black Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine Thermal Copier Printer

Transfer your designs onto your stencil paper in just a few easy steps by using this great Yilong Black Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine thermal.

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It is very easy to use and great for both newbie and professional tattoo artists.

Why is it our top pick?
With this package, you are getting one transfer copier machine, one instruction manual in English, and one power supply cable.

The stencil machine thermal is compatible with a transfer paper size of 8.5 inches x 11 inches. It can also handle the thermal paper of A4 and A5 dimensions.

The range of voltage it operates at is anywhere between 100 and 240V. The effective scanning width of this tattoo transfer machine is 210mm.

Some of the coolest features here are Deepness 1 and Deepness 2 controls, which are further adjustable within themselves.

Final Verdict
The main superstar feat with this tattoo stencil machine is that you can create tattoos anywhere you’d like. It is very portable, due to its size and weight.

As far as transfer paper goes, it allows you to use both full sheets as well as smaller portions if the design requires that.

The place of this tattoo transfer copier is firmly cemented on this “Best tattoo stencil machine” list since its versatility and number of features are almost legendary.

  • The ABS material is eco-friendly.
  • It is very easy to use with no dramatic adjusting needed.
  • This tattoo transfer stencil machine comes with a 3-year warranty.
  • The power cable you are getting with this is only US compatible.
  • No Bluetooth and USB cable connectivity.

5. funwill Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine

It is a great tattoo stencil machine for transferring line graphs. If precise copying of the designs onto stencil paper and skin is what you are after, this just may be the top pick for you!

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Why is it our top pick?
The optimal voltage range for this tattoo printer would be anywhere between 100 and 240V. It guarantees that this copier printer would work on every which continent you bring it on with yourself.

The effective scanning width of this thermal printer is 210 mm. The same goes for the effective printing width. The appropriate transfer paper size is A4 and A5.

This tattoo stencil transfer machine is very well equipped on top of all. Within this package, you will get one thermal tattoo printer, one power supply adapter, and one instruction manual in the English language.

Also, one thing worth noting is that since this is a thermal stencil paper printer, there is no need for any ink or cartridges.

Final Verdict
This is a great copier machine for a tattoo artist of any stature. It is no wonder why this one is our top pick of all the superabundant options on the market today.

The affordable price and the fact that the stencil machine is very easy to use make it one of the great options for any beginner.

On the other hand, the number of features and the sheer reliability of this thermal copier machine makes it a great option for any professional tattoo artist.

However, since nothing in life is perfect, we must take some precautions to make sure that our stencil printer performs optimally.

It is recommended to make short one-minute breaks after every two stencil paper transfers.

It is also worth noting that this one is not intended to be used for transferring designs with a lot of shading.

  • Thermal transferring faster than speed, low heat/low noise stable performance.
  • It is made of ABS material.
  • Automatic transfer of line drafts. Ensures that no mistakes are being made and makes for a great time-saving attribute.
  • No USB cable connectivity.

6. BIOMASER Tattoo Transfer Machine Thermal Printer for Tattoo Stencils

If you are on the lookout for tattoo stencil machines that do an equally magnificent job at transferring both printed and drawn designs, we might just have the thing you are looking for!

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Not only does this thermal transfer printer for tattoo stencils guarantee freedom from complicated hand drawing, but it also makes for a very fast printing, low heat, low noise, and generally stable workflow.

Oh, by the way, if you buy the BIOMASER Tattoo Transfer Machine, you are sure to get a money-back guarantee. If you want to find out more about that, keep on reading!

Why is it our top pick?
The BIOMASER Tattoo Transfer Machine package contains a lot of handy features that can be of great service to any tattoo artist, no matter what level of expertise do they possess.

It comes packed with one thermal transfer machine. Other features you will find here are one power cord, an instruction manual (in English), and one package carton.

The team at BIOMASER really did their best to pack this one properly, so it stays protected during transport.

One of the best things about the BIOMASER Tattoo Transfer Machine is its voltage compatibility. Namely, these thermal printers can work at any voltage within the 100 and 240v range.

The appropriate tattoo transfer paper dimensions for this thermal stencil would be A4 and A5.

However, the rockstar property of this printer machine is the ability to create both normal copy and mirror copy thermal stencil variants.
You can also rest assured that you will be warned in the situation of potential overheating by two light indicators present on the tattoo transfer machine.

Besides the adjustable copying, the BIOMASER Tattoo Transfer Machine allows you to further fine-tune the resolution of your tattoo design.

You can further customize your tattooing experience by adjusting the two deepness levels available (Deepness I and Deepness II) to fit the required stencil paper transferring.

Final Verdict
The BIOMASER Tattoo Transfer Machine is our top pick for a reason. Well, numerous reasons, to be frank.

First of all, it is incredibly easy to carry. If you need to work out of the office, the portability of this printer machine will come in quite handy.

The way the power supply is designed allows this one to be able to work all around the world.

No matter what the set continental voltage is, you can rest assured that this thermal stencil printer machine will rise up to the occasion!

Well, if we are, to be honest, and give a well-rounded review (which is definitely something that we pride ourselves in), we have to mention some less-impressive characteristics of this thermal transfer printer machine.

Namely, like most of the thermal printers in this price range, it is not intended to be used for tattoo design pieces with complex shadowing work.

That can be a deal-breaker for some, but having everything else in mind as well as this pricing point, this truly deserves to be a part of any “Best Tattoo Stencil Machine” list.

  • High-quality build.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Eighteen months warranty, 90 days money-back guarantee.
  • No Bluetooth connectivity, as with most of the other thermal printers out on the market today.

7. Yuelong Black Tattoo Transfer Stencil

This stencil printer found its way on the “Best Tattoo Stencil Machine” list for a certain amount of reasons.

No products found.

First of all, this tattoo printer guarantees fast transfer speed which is a must for both professional and beginner tattoo artists alike.

The high-quality build guarantees a great low noise, low heat, and primarily stable performance.

Why is it our top pick?
This tattoo stencil package comes with a great deal of very useful features. The appropriate paper size, as with most of the stencil printers out there, is A5 and A4.

One piece of carbon paper is to be found within the package. Besides the paper and the tattoo stencil transfer machine itself, you are getting an instruction manual in English and as well as one power cord.

The optimal voltage range for this high-quality machine is anywhere between 110 and 220V. Another thing regarding this thermal tattoo machine that you should keep in mind is that its standby power consumption is 5W.

As with most stencil printers, the effective scanning width is 210mm. This tattoo stencil comes with 5 different control buttons that each have their own unique function.

With the said controls, you can choose different copy methods, change the resolution of the tattoo design. You can also adjust the deepness, and you have extra two light indicators, making sure you are working optimally.

There are certain measures you should take in order to keep your tattoo stencil machine working at the best possible level.

First of all, it is recommended to wipe your tattoo stencil machine on a regular basis. Also, you should take one-minute breaks after every two transfers to assure that your thermal tattoo transfer stencil works the best it can.

Final Verdict
One of the best things about this thermal tattoo transfer stencil is that you can transfer your design straight onto stencil paper in just a few easy steps.

That is something that is of the utmost importance for both beginner and professional level tattoo artists.

The size of this tattoo stencil machine ensures its portability and makes it incredibly easy to store.

As always, we need to be unbiased and give you wholesome reviews. Even the stencil printers you find among the “Best Tattoo Stencil Machine” lists have certain drawbacks. This one is no different.

The main flaw of this stencil machine is that it is not best suited for creating stencils of the designs with complex shadowing work.

  • Environmentally safe materials are used exclusively.
  • Very easy to use.
  • 12 months warranty, 90 days money-back guarantee.
  • This tattoo stencil machine is not adept at creating tattoo stencils with complex shadowing patterns.

8. Dioche Tattoo Stencil Machine

Whenever anyone’s faced with the daunting task of creating a list of the best tattoo stencil machines, his life is made easier if he faces a product that goes onto the list without any doubt.

No products found.

Well, that’s what we’re feeling in regards to this tattoo stencil machine.

This one definitely belongs to the category of professional tattoo stencil machines. You can rest assured that it will deliver all of the complicated patterns you need it to.

Why is it our top pick?
Since this is a tattoo stencil machine primarily designed for professional tattoo artists, you can expect some premium features here.

In case a certain error has occurred, or you are not using your tattoo stencil machine properly, you will get a warning from the two light indicators in the form of blinking.

If the error-ridden operation continues, the tattoo stencil machine will stop automatically. In that way, it prevents any further damage from being caused by improper use.

As with most other tattoo stencil machines, the effective scanning width is 210mm. The same goes for the effective printing width.

The appropriate dimensions of the stencil paper are A5 and A4.

The voltage range of this tattoo stencil machine allows it to be used all over the globe. Since the optimal voltage range is 110V to 220V, if you have the right power supply adapter, you can use it anywhere you want!

Another important thing to have in mind when exploring the available tattoo stencils is its standby mode power consumption.

In the case of this tattoo stencil machine, it is only 5W, which is a feat that all busy tattoo artists would greatly appreciate.

People at Dioche offer a very cool option when buying this tattoo stencil. Namely, you can choose your power plug to be US or EU compatible, according to your location and preferences in general.

The tattoo stencil package comes with one transfer machine, one power plug, and an instruction manual in English.

Since this one is the cream of the crop among the best tattoo stencil machines, it also comes with an impressive feat of the whole transfer paper roll, instead of only one sheet.

Final Verdict
If you see yourself as one of the professional tattoo artists of today, and you are on the lookout for a way to easily and quickly transfer your designs, this just might be the best thermal tattoo stencil for you!

The number of impressive feats and the sheer fact that you can transfer complex designs makes this one worthy of the “Best tattoo stencil machine” moniker.

If you see yourself as an ecologically conscious tattoo artist, you will be pleased to hear that this one is made out of eco-friendly material.

  • Made out of ABS material.
  • Best tattoo stencil machine for complex design printing.
  • Comes with a whole roll of tattoo transfer paper.
  • Not much, really.

9. Semme Life Basis Tattoo Stencil Transfer Copier

Better late than never, right?

This is the first life basis tattoo stencil transfer machine on this list. Someone wiser once said, “Save the best for last.”

No products found.

Whoever said that probably did not think it in the context of the best tattoo stencil machines, but hey, this one thoroughly deserves it!

If you are looking for a life basis tattoo stencil transfer copier that is capable of delivering while copying complex design patterns, look no further!

Why is it our top pick?
Like any other copier worthy of being called out among the best thermal stencil machines on the market, this one comes with a variety of useful options.

This life-basis thermal copier comes with 5 buttons that each serve a different function.

The power light signalizes that the device is engaged. The LED light is your error light here. If the machine is too hot or faced with any obstacle, the error light would signalize it.

Besides the light indicators, you have your traditional “copy” and “stop” controls.

This printer life basis allows you to create both a normal copy and a mirror copy.

Besides your error light and mirror copy options, another superstar here is a whole roll of transfer paper that comes with this package.

Now, this is what we call “the best tattoo stencil machine”! One of them, at least.

You can choose the depth level with commands “Deepness I” and “Deepness II.”

You can also choose different copy methods, and you can change the resolution.

The paper dimensions that are compatible with this one are your standard A4 and A5.

The range of voltage this one can cover is anywhere between 110V and 220V. That makes it great for working anywhere on the globe. You just need to have the right socket plug, and you are good to go, wherever you are!

The standby power consumption is set at 5W.

Final Verdict
Besides being one of the best tattoo stencil machines in terms of features and performance, this one is also very well built. Amazingly enough, it is also very lightweight and therefore very portable!

The materials used in the manufacturing of this fine product are all eco-friendly!

No copier printer wouldn’t find its way on the “best tattoo stencil machine” list without having the effective scanning width of 210mm, and this one is no exception.
Its effective printing width is also set at 210mm.

All in all, this is a tremendous product which we truly recommend if the price is up to your alley!

  • It can be used to transfer complicated patterns.
  • LED error light, normal copy, mirror copy making, etc.
  • You are free to choose the US or EU cord plug.
  • The only drawback of this one is that it is just a tad bit noisy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do tattoo artists use for stencils?

Most professional tattoo studios use thermal-fax machines in order to achieve the best tattoo transfer results.

This is something that literally saves hours that would be usually spent on tracing.

In this case, you just put your tattoo design into your best tattoo transfer device you have at your disposal, and it transfers it onto thermal paper in a matter of seconds.

Once the stencil is ready, the design can be transferred onto your skin by the trusted professional tattoo artist of your choice.

The invention of thermal copier printers is something that immensely streamlined the tattoo-making process, while it made it even more convenient at the same time.

Can you use a regular printer for tattoo stencils?

Technically, you can. If you are doing that, it is strongly advisable to use the proper thermal tattoo paper in order to achieve somewhat respectable results.

However, we urge you to check the options we have offered you within this list.

These are machines that are not expensive but guarantee the best tattoo performance possible.

At a reasonable price, you can make perfect tattoos without any bumps and imperfections you would get if you were to use traditional inkjet printers.

Traditional printers tend to distort the design, which is something that will hugely affect your tattoo end result.

Now, ask yourself, would you really like to wear something on your skin that is badly done?

How do you make a good tattoo stencil?

The surefire way to make great tattoo stencils is via using thermal copier printers.

The precision you get by using the thermal-fax printer is unmatched, and it really makes for perfect tattoos.

The important thing to consider is the complexity of your design. According to that complexity, you would use the appropriate thermal fax machine.

Some stencil machines are not adept at transferring designs with highly complex shading patterns.

So, the main takeaway from this should be – make sure to find the right thermal fax copier for the tattoo design you are about to copy.

Again, it is not advisable to do this with regular inkjet printers since they tend to distort the images.

Also, if you do it by hand, this can take hours. Using copier printers saves you so much time and guarantees a top-notch end result.

Can you use Vaseline to transfer the tattoo stencil?

A lot of tattoo artists use Vaseline when applying the stencil to the skin.
It is just a way of making sure that the stencil is more firmly placed on the desired tattoo area.

Final Thoughts

We can safely say that we are living in the golden age of tattoo thermal stencil copiers. The amount of great options out there on the market is just immense.

Better yet, you can truly find great options at all the price ranges.

The thermal copier machines are made of solid materials which ensure durability. Most of the modern-day tattoo stencil copier options are made out of ABS material which is environmentally friendly.

All of the items on this list come with some great accessories which can be of great use to any tattoo artist, whether beginner or professional.

We urge you to carefully read the whole article since you are guaranteed to find what you need. It’s just a matter of picking the right piece of tattoo gear.

We have truly scoured the net and narrowed down the choice to 9 incredible copier printers.

Each of these possesses its fortes, and it is up to you to decide which one is the right option according to your needs.

All of the manufacturers are already established names in the tattoo niche, and you are guaranteed a great customer experience.

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