Clickbait is somewhat a catchy headline which lures the readers and thus propels them to click the link on the website.The link may direct the readers to a payment registration page or normally to an uninteresting content.The Clickbait is thus a way to increase the page views and decrease the bounce rate of a website.

Some believe it to be a wrong way to attract the users to a not so important content.This may not help the reader to gain something from the article/post.The example of a normal heading can be like- “Famous celebrity loses weight” while the same content can also be written like “Shocking way how this celebrity lost 15 pounds in a month”.While the latter one is a Clickbait, it appears to be more catchy and will attract more readers to click on the article.

Clickbait is sure an amazing way to propel the readers to read your content but in the end CONTENT IS THE HOOK which will get the regular users to your website. Just remember that the people surfing the internet are very intelligent.If you want to actually increase the viewership of your website and have a long-term relationship with the people who visit your website then start paying great attention to your content.In the end, it is the content which will make your name in the Blogosphere.

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PS- An intelligent step would be to use Clickbait that links to a Quality content.

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