Armoured Virus

Even after having advanced security systems we are always at a stake of a virus attack. Even after regularly updating your anti-virus software, there are viruses which cannot be detected and traced at an early stage. These are known as the Armoured Virus. The name itself draws to a conclusion that these type of viruses are shielded from the anti-virus program such that many times it becomes very difficult to detect them.

The Armoured Virus fools the system by making the system believe that it exists in a certain directory while in actual it is placed in some other directory or location.

This virus has a complex code associated which prevents it from being detected by an anti-virus. Many times on replication, the Armoured Virus spreads and becomes so vast that it can then be traced and noticed. Thus, these viruses are hard to be detected at an initial stage but are eventually detected later.

The following are some of the cases which may state that your system is being hit by a virus probably by an Armoured Virus.

  1. Frequent system restarting without the user permission.
  2. Decrease in the hard disk space.(This means that some of the hidden files are automatically replicating without your consent!! voila, you’ve been hit by a dashing virus.)
  3. If your system is getting slow even while having a good configuration(This means that there are background processes starting on their own).                                            
  4. Frequently crashing of the running applications.

To save such virus attack, you should have a good antivirus software installed in your system and should also know the working of your anti-virus software.

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