Virtualization, virtual cores, hardware optimization etc. These are some of the common terms that you may have encountered in big techie conferences and workshops. While the concept of virtualization is a labyrinth for many, it is a simple concept, much simpler than learning any programming language or learning to configure a complicated circuitry.

So what is Virtualization? In layman terms, imagine a computer lab in which ten computers are connected through LAN (Local Area Connection).In this case, the lab has only one printer. You can give the print command from any of the ten computers. In this case, there is only one printer in the lab but the user at every computer feels that he has a personal printer. This is the simplest example to give you an idea about Virtualization. Thus, the lab only having a single printer is being utilized in a way to give you the feel and functionality of ten different printers.

While the actual concept is a little different but it is based on the same idea. Virtualization means to create a virtual version of a resource such as a server, device, network or operating system where the framework divides the resources into one or more than one executable system.

The most common one is the Operating System virtualization in which the hard drive is parted to create one or more than one hard drives. Let me give you an example. Suppose you have a Microsoft based system. Now suppose you need to access the functionalities of Mac OS on this system. For that, you will install a virtual system on your Windows system for e.g. using software like VMWare to install Mac OS. In such case, your actual system i.e. the Windows system is the host system and the Mac OS is the guest system installed on the host system using a hypervisor i.e. VMWare

The main goal of virtualization is to improve the scalability and workloads by centralizing the administrative tasks. It has enabled the IT businesses to reduce project cost by increasing the efficiency, optimizing the system to its full potential with the flexibility of using their existing system hardware.

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