Are you having troubles trying to get sleep? Then a weighted blanket is a way to a change in your sleeping experience.

Just as its name suggests, a weighted blanket is a blanket that is filled with plastic pellets or glass beads. It then turns out to be heavier and cozier than just the typical duvets.

As you have guessed it right, in this post we will be reviewing the Active Corner Weighted Blanket.

Weighted blankets have become a prevalent sleep necessity in the recent past. For adults and kids that suffer from certain health conditions such as depression and autism, a weighted blanket is an excellent investment for their health.


They are often associated with releasing sleeping hormones aided by its deep touch pressure stimulation that can improve the quality of your sleep and the duration as well.

Active Corner Weighted Blanket Review

Active corner is an old brand which has been in the market from quite some time. Our main intention to bring this detailed review of the Active Corner weighted blanket is to be 100% transparent. We just want to bring the actual facts and features about the blanket to you.

Since, there are other weighted blanket brands in the market as well, this review would help you make a wise choice.

1. Active Corner Comfort Weighted Blanket

This Active Corner Comfort weighted blanket ranks as a best-weighted blanket for both adults and kids who weigh between 90-160lbs. It is ideal for use all year round.

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The blanket is made with a better temperature control than any other standard cover. In most times the weighted blankets can be extremely hot.

This active corner weighted blanket is breathable and moisture-wicking when the temperatures go up. Besides, its natural bamboo fiber provides a crisp, silky texture that absorbs body heat and keeps you warm during colder months.

With its deep pressure therapy, this weighted blanket is best especially to stressed adults, kids with autistic disorders, or when having trouble trying to fall asleep.

At the same time, it has been proven to relieve the symptoms of certain disorders such as depression, anxiety, stress, among others.

With its deep touch pressure stimulation method, your muscles and joints are stimulated, thus producing a natural calming effect on your entire body.

These weighted blankets are easy to maintain as they can easily washable at home without getting assistance from cleaners.

  • Natural calming effect
  • Free minky pillowcase
  • Big enough for everyone
  • Adaptable weight
  • Very affordable
  • 30-days stress-free guarantee
  • Suggested not to wash the main blanket
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2. Active Corner Weighted Washable duvet cover

Active Corner Weighted Duvet Cover is an elegant blanket that is made from high quality materials. It is a handy tool that helps you to sleep better both in the summer and autumn seasons.

This two-sided cover provides maximum comfort. With the silky, smooth, breathable bamboo side it gives better cooling during summer and the soft, cozier, Minky side giving the much-needed warmth during winter.

Though, there are other weighted brands like Dr. Harts, Quility and Gravity which do offer a duvet cover along with the blanket, however, they are literally 2X the price of Active Corner.

Having a duvet cover over your weighted blanket ensures that the weighted blanket lasts longer. It prevents the weighted blanket from getting dirty quickly.

The duvet cover is washable at home without taking it to the cleaners. Once it is cleaned, you can cover your weighted blanket and secure your weighted blanket to the cover with its 6 ties.

These covers fit most of the adult weighted blankets and come in four different colors. The wide array of color choice can help you blend your washable blanket with the colors in your bedroom and suit your sense of style.

  • Very comfortable
  • Durably made
  • Affordable
  • Bamboo side makes it cool
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Stylish
  • None found
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I pick the best weighted blanket?

Ans. With the cost that comes with a weighted blanket, and with many weighted blankets out there, you cannot gamble with your choice, especially when buying from an online store. It is essential, therefore, to get a few tips on how best to choose your blanket, and what key things you should consider.

  • Size

One of the most and essential factor to consider is size. The size of the blanket is mainly dependent on its weight.  Different brands come in different sizes, with some having their sizes primarily according to the bed size. They are in most cases labeled as king size, queen size, double or single.  However, most of the brands do come in a one-size-fits-all size.

It is recommended that the weighted blanket should come in a size that covers your body from the neck down to your feet. Your weighted blanket should not also hang over the sides of your bed.  Thus essential to measure your mattress before making any purchase decision. This ensures that your blanket will fit properly.

When buying weighted blankets for kids, be especially careful. It is dangerous to have a bigger and heavier blanket than their weight. For kids, there are weighted blankets that are suitable for them and are efficient and safe to use.

  • Weight

The first step when buying or selecting a weighted blanket for purchase is to consider the weight of the person going to use the blanket. It is recommended to go for a blanket that is 10% of your total weight.

The heavier you are, the more weight the blanket should have. When the weight is too much or too little, it can affect the deep tissue pressure stimulation.  As a result, you end up not getting the desired relaxation of your muscles and joints.

Kids’ blankets are often lighter with most weighing from 5 pounds. Most weighted blankets are sold online, and hence one is not in a position to try it first before buying. It is crucial, therefore, to source for a brand that offers a wide range of weight options.

  • Price

Weighted blankets do vary in costs a lot, depending on the brand and the material used. It is crucial, therefore, to compare the prices of the products you are choosing and the material used to make each.

Also, the fabric used to make the weighted blanket will affect the price. A weighted blanket made from natural bamboo fiber tends to be cheaper than the one made from 100% pure cotton. Consider also the weight of the weighted blanket. Heavy and bulky weighted blankets are expensive to ship due to their weight.

Q2. What are weighted blankets filled with?

Ans.Weighted blankets are often made by filling the inner parts with either plastic pellets or glass beads. When choosing the right weighted blanket, the material used matters a lot. As it equally affects the weight of the blanket.

Glass beads are heavier compared to plastic pellets, thus making the weighted blankets made from glass beads heavier than that made from plastic pellets. On the other hand, plastic pellets are larger, making the weighted blankets a bit more bulky compared to those that have glass beads. It is highly recommended that you, therefore, check if the inner parts are sown well. This will help in avoiding either the pellets or beads from falling off.

Both the weighted blankets made from either glass beads and plastic pellets serve their purpose well. The only difference is the price. Weighted blankets made from glass beads are a bit pricey compared to those made from plastic pellets.

Weighted blankets with covers made from natural fibers like cotton or natural bamboo, tend to be cooler than those made from polyester.

Q3. Can I wash a weighted blanket?

Ans.It highly recommended cleaning our beddings regularly. Dirty linens also affect your sleep. However, this might not be an easy task on weighted blankets. Some blankets do come with a removable cover over them, and this makes cleaning easier. If the weighted blanket does not come with a duvet cover, usually there is an option to buy one. It is hence ensuring that your weighted blanket lasts longer and is easy to maintain.

When determining what weighted blanket to choose, you should also consider the material. The materials used will also determine how easy it is to clean. Weighted blankets made from glass beads or plastic pellets are easy to wash. Some are made from sand, thus making them not washable.

Q4. Can you sleep with a weighted blanket every night?

Ans.Weighted blankets are generally safe to use every single night as long as you consider its proper use. They should be kept away from the face and neck while sleeping. You should also be extra careful on the weight and size of the blanket, especially on kids.  Kids under the age of 8 are not recommended to use these blankets unless under a prescription.

Safety measures should be observed when using weighted blankets every night. Ensure that the weighted blankets are not torn or damaged to avoid inhaling and chocking on either the glass beads or plastic pellets.

Q5. Are weighted blankets effective?

Ans.Weighted blankets certainly have excellent benefits that can get you rested and relaxed. The use of weighted blankets can solve many issues. It is primarily due to its deep tissue pressure stimulation that produces a hormone associated with the relaxation of your muscles and joints.

The hormones produced during deep tissue therapy are necessary for aiding you to sleep. They send signals to your brain that it is time to relax. Thus assisting you to fall asleep and improves the quality of your sleep.

Having a lot in your mind makes processing difficult. Weighted blankets are therefore useful on people that suffer from anxiety or sensory processing disorders. The hormones released during the stimulation have a calming effect hence calming the body and mind and end up fighting off stress from the body.

Weighted blankets also offer a sense of protection and calmness to children and adults that have autism. The blanket work as a form of rocking chair, thus providing a soothing effect that makes them stay still and sleep soundly.

Active Corner Weighted Blanket Review
  • Active Corner Comfort Weighted Blanket
  • Active Corner Weighted Washable Duvet Cover


Active corner has been manufacturing weighted blankets since a long time now. In this review we have tried to bring the actual facts including what the existing customers have to say about the blanket.

In short, Active Corner offers a great quality weighted blanket on a budget. It can be used by both kids as well as adults. The blanket helps you to sleep better as well helps austic kids to calm them and improve their focus.


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