Some of us prefer spending our free time watching that new movie or that trending Television program.

However, the positioning of your TV can make even the most interesting show become boring because of the lacking comfort.

Luckily, with a motorized TV mount, you can revamp your TV viewing experience, prevent clutter, reduce neck pains, as well as give your home a completely new touch.

However, choosing one that fits your needs is not a walk in the park. To simplify your search, we have researched and reviewed the seven best motorized TV mounts that guarantee to give you the best viewing experience by mounting your TV at the right height.

7 Best Motorized TV Mounts

Best Motorized TV Ceiling Mounts

1. VIVO Electric Motorized TV Mount-E-FD55

The Mount E-FD55 is an electric TV mount from the well-known technology company VIVO. This simple but sophisticated piece of equipment is a perfect space saver and mounts to walls, ceilings, and other surfaces.

VIVO Electric Motorized Flip Down Pitched Roof Ceiling TV Mount for 23

  • Supports 23 to 55 inch TVs
  • Solid steel construction
  • Remote controlled

Featuring a solid steel frame, this sleek TV mount supports screen sizes of between 23-inches and 55-inches with a weight of up to 66 pounds. This makes it a perfect choice for small and medium-sized TVs.

It comes with a motorized plate that’s controllable using an RF remote. The remote comes with a number of memory settings that you can program to save various viewing angles.

Other than that, this TV mount boasts a convenient fold-up design that features a 0-75 degree tilt for better storage a 3-degree level adjustment for comfortable viewing positions.

Here’s how easy it is to assemble this motorized TV mount:

Overall, the VIVO Mount E-FD55 is a good choice for people who want to enjoy a comfortable TV watching experience whether in the office or at home.

  • Comes with a motorized plate that you can control from a distance
  • The remote is programmable to a number of memory settings
  • Adds swivel to your TV
  • Sturdy construction with sleek design
  • Allows height and level adjustment
  • Takes time to assemble and install
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2. Mount-It Motorized Ceiling TV Mount

Mount-It MI 4223 is another motorized ceiling TV mount that offers incredible features. It has a similar look as that of the VIVO Mount E-FD55. You would actually confuse one from the other.

Mount-It Motorized Ceiling TV Mount With Remote, Fits 32, 37, 40, 47, 50 and 55

  • Supports 32” to 55” TVs
  • Flip Up and Down design
  • VESA Compatibility

Ideal for kitchen and office use, this mount is VESA compatible and works with screen sizes of between 32- inches and 55-inches. It is also good in case your TV has speakers at the back.

It can, however, hold a smaller or larger sized TV provided the bolt patterns match and the weight of the TV does not exceed its maximum rated weight load of 66 pounds.

The mount is made from high-grade steel to ensure that it withstands the different weight loads and resists any wear.

What’s more, this TV mount comes with a powerful motor that’s easily controlled with an IR remote. The motor flips your TV up and down on the ceiling helping clear up space as well as keep your TV out of the way when not in use.

It has a tilt range of 0 to 75- degrees and has a keyhole pattern design with 4 height adjustment options for better viewing experience.

  • Powerful motor plate that flips your TV up and down
  • Can hold loads of up to 66 pounds
  • Can be used in premises with high ceilings
  • Sturdy construction
  • Height and level adjustment help prevent back and neck pains
  • Motor is a bit loud
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3. Touchline Valueline 30004 Motorized TV Mount

The Touchline Valueline 30004 is an advanced TV lift engineered for high performance. It’s also one of the few motorized TV mounts that comes with a flat-top lid mount for flush counter installs.

Touchstone Valueline 30004 Motorized TV Lift with Remote Control for Large Screen 32-70 inch TVs

  • Supports 32” to 70” TVs
  • Unique C-Bracket.
  • Soft-Start and Soft-Stop.

For starters, the Valueline 30004 is made with high-grade, heavy-duty 1.5mm steel that gives it a supreme finish and unparalleled durability.

The unit has a maximum load capacity of 100lbs and is designed for mounting TVs with screen sizes of between 32-70-inches making it a great choice for larger TVs.

It comes with a unique touchstone C-Bracket, which comes in handy when it comes to height adjustment. This exclusive bracket offers you a 6 5/8 inches of height flexibility.

Along with that, it includes an RF remote and a wired remote with a visual display. The display allows you to see the lift’s height giving you the exact memory settings.

Other exclusive features that this exclusive TV lift offers include soft-start & soft-stop, pressure safety stop, and the lift control box.

  • Comes with a flat-top lid mount for counter installs
  • Can hold TV with a weight of up to 100 pounds
  • Very quiet operation
  • Made from high-quality steel
  • Comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Some customers reported of motor breakdown after some months of use
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4. ECO-WORTHY Automations-Motorized Vertical TV Lift

ECO-WORTHY is a durable motorized TV lift that offers you great value for money.

Featuring reinforced steel construction, this TV lift is engineered to fit TVs or monitors with screen sizes of between 26 to 57-inches with a maximum weight capacity of 220.5lbs (100kgs).

In terms of measurements, the TV lift has a height of 38.6 inches (excluding TV height) and a width of 16-inches, which allows it to accommodate your TV set.

Like you’d expect from any motorized TV lift, this unit is height adjustable with travel height ranges from 37.20 inches to 64.76-inches (the figures represent retracted and extended heights respectively).

To make height adjustments a breeze, this unit comes with a powerful and ultra-quiet motor that is capable of lifting your TV up 1-inch per second.

To control the lifter, you have the option to use a wired controller or an RF remote if you want to make height adjustments from a distance.

One thing we loved about this TV mount is the ease of installation as well as the overall design appearance. You can literally mount and hide it in the cabinet, wall, or ceiling.

  • Suits most TV sizes in the range of 26 to 57-inches
  • The mount has a max load capacity of 220 pounds
  • Ultra-quiet and fast operation
  • Made from aluminum alloy and high-quality steel
  • Comes with a wireless remote for quick full-up and full-down operations
  • Poor instructions
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5. CO-Z Motorized TV Mount

Sometimes all you want is to shake things up and make a few adjustments to your daily entertainment routine.

With the CO-Z motorized TV mount, you can automate your viewing experience as well as give your home a new look.

Featuring a convenient and practical design, the CO-Z motorized TV mount is engineered with high-quality steel to ensure that it can withstand a TV load of up to 154lbs.

This means that it can perfectly accommodate most standard TV sets ranging from 30-inches to 65-inches.

It’s also height-adjustable and the model can retract from 25-inches to 57-inches quietly and quickly thanks to the powerful motor and the revolutionary screw rod structure.

For easy operation, the package comes with a wired switch and remote control.

Installation is a breeze since the unit comes pre-assembled and all the necessary parts are included in the package.

In fact, most installations take less than 10 minutes. However, note that this is not to be installed on the ceiling.

  • Great option if you have a standard size TV in the range of 25 to 57-inches
  • The mount is pretty powerful and can load up to 154 pounds
  • Quiet and fast operation
  • Made from quality steel
  • Quick installation
  • Cannot be installed on ceiling
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6. Morphon Motorized TV Lift

Morphon is another motorized TV lift designed for users who would like to mount standard-sized TVs or monitors.

Mophorn Motorized TV Lift for Large Screen 26 Inches to 57 Inches

  • Supports 32” to 70” TVs
  • Max Load: 165lbs.
  • 4-Preset memory heights.

Just like you’d expect from any good TV lift, this unit is constructed from durable steel which guarantees unmatched strength and durability.

The unit mounts easily inside a cabinet or wall and supports monitors and TV screen sizes of between 26-inches and 57-inches with a max weight capacity of 165lbs.

What’s more, it comes with 4-preset memory heights and a 24 Volts permanent magnet motor for quick and easy height adjustments. It can reach the full height of 28-inches in under 50 seconds.

The remote control is another selling point for this unit as it helps adjust the height of the TV with ease and comfort. Installation is also easy and fast.

  • Looks elegant and durable
  • Quality steel construction
  • Powerful and fast magnetic motor
  • 4-preset memory heights easy and quick height adjustments
  • Simple installation
  • Motor is a bit noisy
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7. Whisper Ride Motorized TV Lift

Whisper Ride 700 is a compact and versatile motorized TV mounting system that is engineered to reveal and conceal your TV inside a cabinet, ceiling, wall, or other location via remote control.

Whisper Ride 700 Motorized TV Lift for TVs up to 47”, 5-Year Warranty

  • Supports 32” to 47” TVs
  • Max Load: 145lbs.
  • Built-in reverse function.

The Whisper 700 is capable of handling flat-screen TVs with sizes of up to 47-inches. In terms of weight, this unit can raise or lower a flat-screen or monitor TV with a maximum weight capacity of up to 145lbs.

One feature that caught our attention with this unit is the built-in reverse function that stops the lift in case there is an obstruction.

Apart from that, it comes with a powerful and reliable motor that guarantees fast and quiet operations.

What’s more, the unit’s mounting holes fit VESA standards. You’ll also have complete peace of mind knowing that the Whisper Ride 700 comes with a 5-year warranty.

  • Flexible and adjustable. Has a travels a distance of 27.5”
  • Durable and solidly made
  • It works quietly
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Simple installation
  • Long and tedious instructions
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Buying a Motorized TV Mount: Ultimate Guide

When shopping for a motorized TV mount, there are different factors you need to keep in mind. Some of these factors include:

Dimensions and Weight Capacity

Most if not all manufacturers specify the dimensions as well as the maximum weight capacity of the TV mount. Before spending your hard-earned money on a motorized TV mount, it’s vital to first know the exact weight and dimensions of your TV.

This will act as a guide and will help you choose a TV lift that is strong enough for the job. It’s recommended that you choose a TV mount with a higher weight capacity than that of your TV.

The Motor

The motor is one of the most crucial components when it comes to buying a motorized TV mount. Therefore, ensure that the model you are choosing has a powerful enough motor to raise and lower your TV or monitor.

Noise level

The powerful the motor, the less noise the TV mount will crank. However, noise can also be attributed to the quality of the motor. Therefore, when choosing a TV lift especially for use at the office or at home, choose a unit with a near-silent noise level.

Remote control

You need a simple and easy way to control your motorized TV lift. This means going for a unit with either a remote, switch or both. Your particular situation will help determine which option works best for you. However, a remote always comes in handy.

Ease of installation

A motorized TV mount should not be difficult to install especially with all the accessories. However, if you feel that it will be difficult for you to do it yourself, it might be in your best interest to hire a professional to do it for you. It’s faster and easier.

Wrapping Up

Motorized TV mounts come in different sizes and can completely change your overall viewing experience. It is, therefore vital that you spend adequate time researching for one that best suits your needs.

Out of the top eight best-motorized TV mounts that we reviewed, the VIVO Electric Motorized TV Mount – MOUNT- E-FD55 checked all the boxes when it came to performance, design, construction, and accessories. It’s also highly rated on Amazon.

Do check the latest omnidirectional tv antennas. We have written a detailed guide on the same.

Motorized TV Mount Reviews
  • VIVO Electric Motorized TV Mount-E-FD55
  • Mount-It Motorized Ceiling TV Mount
  • Touchline Valueline 30004 Motorized TV Mount
  • ECO-WORTHY Automations-Motorized Vertical TV Lift
  • CO-Z Motorized TV Mount
  • 3 Wall Mount for PS3 Console
  • Morphon Motorized TV Lift
  • Whisper Ride Motorized TV Lift


Check the detailed reviews of the best motorized TV mounts. We have covered mounts which are hidden, can be easily fitted on the ceiling or wall.

Many of these could be controlled using remote and can fit televisions of multiple sizes ranging from 23″-70″. Read the reviews and then make the right choice.


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